My Summer Skincare Routine

Here’s my new and improved summer skincare routine, featuring my favourite cruelty-free products of the moment. On one of my latest beauty posts, someone asked what my skincare routine was and it made me realise I haven’t shared this with you in such a long time! To remedy that, I’ve filmed my morning routine, evening routine, and even my Sunday bath time favourites, where I like to pamper myself!

My Morning Skincare Routine

In the morning, I usually start with a shower, where I’ll cleanse my face and body. I’ve been using the Susanne Kaufmann Purifying Cleansing Gel* (gifted), which is well balanced and not too harsh on my sensitive skin. I only need one small pump to wash my face and neck, meaning this bottle will last me for a good few months.

Next I wash my body with a combination of Neal’s Yard Remedies Shower Gel* (gifted) and for my back and shoulders, Beauty Kin’s Clarifying Body Bar. I’ve had bacne since I was a teenager, and a combination of this body bar – which contains salycylic acid – and BHA body cream has been doing wonders to keep it clear.

Out of the shower, I like to apply a regular body cream – my current fave is from Dr Barbara Sturm* – to my legs, and Paula’s Choice BHA Body Cream* to my back and shoulders.

For my face, I use a serum, moisturiser, and SPF. Every single day. (If you aren’t doing this yet, I really, really recommend you start now.) My current favourite serum is the Comfort Zone Sacred Nature Serum (gifted), which is organic and is a vegetal alternative to hyaluronic acid. I’ve actually already used an entire bottle, and the brand kindly sent me this one to keep me topped up!

Next is my current moisturiser of the moment – Medik8 Daily Radiance*. I’m actually down to the last dregs of this now, and I’m sad to empty it as it’s just so soft on my skin, absorbing gently and quickly with no sticky residue. It also provides SPF 30, which is great top-up alongside my Dr Barbara Sturm Sun Drops*. This, too, is really gentle on the skin, and easy to apply, although it does leave a light sticky residue afterwards. As far as sunscreen goes though, it’s a winner.

Once that’s done, I’m usually ready for the day, as I like to wear makeup as infrequently as possible to keep my skin clear.

Evening Skincare Routine

In the evenings, I’m usually trying to hurry through my skincare and jump into bed. That means, as few steps as possible!

First, I’ll cleanse, again with my Purifying Cleansing Gel* (gifted), and if I’m wearing makeup, I’ll also use JoJo Glow Reusable Cleansing Pads, which honestly changed my life the first time I tried them. Now I never need to use makeup wipes or even micellar water – the pad does all the work!

Next I’ll apply The Ordinary Retinol 0.5%*, which I’ve worked my way up to over the last 12 months. If you haven’t tried retinol yet, watch this video to learn more about it and how to safely add it into your routine. It’s been a gamechanger for my skin, giving me much better texture and shine, as well as reducing blemishes and redness.

Then I’ll apply a hydrating moisturiser. My current one is Comfort Zone Hydramemory Sorbet Cream (gifted), which is super light and yet super hydrating. This is similar to a water cream, but it’s hydrating enough to be suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin like my own. I also like to use their Hydramemory Serum (gifted) alongside it for an extra boost.

Sunday Bath Time Favourites

Finally, I had to share my Sunday Bath Time routine with you here too, as it’s an added pamper session that gives my skin a boost. On Sundays, I really like to make some time for a bath and face mask, and over the years this has evolved into its own little routine.

In the bath itself, I’ll normally use OUAI Chill Pills*, but as of late I’ve been opting for Susanne Kaufmann Bath Oil* (gifted), which transports me to a calm, pine forest with every use. Next, I’ll apply an eye cream to my under eyes before covering with my Sireni Reusable Eye Shields (gifted) and leaving to absorb. I’ve always wondered why sheet masks couldn’t be reusable, so discovering these by Sireni was a breakthrough! Then, I’ll light a few candles and relax…

What are your summertime skincare favourites?


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