Hi, I’m Besma

I’m a 20-something Londoner and lifestyle blogger. Curiously Conscious is my space to try new ways of living that’s good for me, for others and for the planet. It’s where I play with new trends in healthy food, natural makeup, ethical style, and wellness, and write about (and sometimes draw!) my best discoveries.

I started the blog three years ago when I was living in Paris, buying from the organic market next to my apartment and learning to cook vegetables the French way. Since then, I’ve moved twice, and adventured further afield (you’ll notice the new travel section, which I hope to expand).

To me, the most important thing about writing here is to show how easy and enjoyable it is to live in a way that’s good to everyone. There’s so much to explore: organic makeup, vintage clothes, vegetarian restaurants and spa holidays… I hope you’ll enjoy following what I get up to, and perhaps try out one or two of my favourite finds.

Besma Curiously Conscious

Walking through Paris


Everything I write about on Curiously Conscious has an aspect of health, wellness, or sustainability to it. It is incredibly hard to find a perfect item, place, or dish, so I’ll always highlight the best aspects and leave it up to you to decide whether it fits with your lifestyle and values.

With everything I write about, it’s worth remembering that moderation is key. I’m a lover of healthy foods, a stickler for slow fashion, and a natural skincare junkie, but I still enjoy dessert, I struggle with meditation, and I’m not a dedicated gym bunny despite regularly exercising. I consider this to be the healthiest approach, balancing health and happiness, and understanding that any attempt at living well is a good one!

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