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Hi, I’m Besma

I’m a London-based ethical fashion blogger documenting modern conscious choices – nice to meet you!

Curiously Conscious started in 2014, when I was living in Paris. During my time nestled in the tiniest sixth-floor flat in Montparnasse, I began to explore the French way of doing things; buying fresh food from the organic market next door, bringing my own bags to the shop, and buying investment pieces over fast-changing trends.

My time there has inspired my ethos today: to look for the better things in life. That means better for the earth, better for others, and better for myself too. I want every item I own to tell a good story, and to retell them to you here on the blog.

Alongside my posts, you can keep up with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What does Curiously Conscious mean?

I named my blog three years ago, and to this day it summarises my approach to life. I like to try new items, places, and experiences that are aware of their impact from start to finish. It’s my belief that care for people and the planet is just as important as how effective a product is and its price tag.

My journey has taken me to some amazing places already: I’ve visited luxury spa hotels, frequented organic food markets, switched exclusively to soy candles, and tried renting my clothes; there’s a lot of change happening and it’s my aim to document it.

Since I started writing, I’ve seen ethical living grow and change to become both a worthy investment in your own life, and a powerful change affecting all parts of society. It’s all a step in the right direction and I’m enjoying being part of the new media covering it all.

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