Happy New Year! I’m excited for a fresh start this year. How about you? In one of my final posts of the year, I shared how I was ready for a new chapter. Last year was full of contradictions: I welcomed in my 30s but ultimately felt like I went backwards career wise. I went to the gym more than I ever have, but ended up 3kg heavier by the end of the year. And I finally felt settled with my personal style, despite selling more clothes than ever on my Vinted.

I love the feeling of the first few days of a new year. It feels like the plush clean pages of a new notebook, so clean and bold and brimming with possibility. Like many, I have new habits I’d like to form: fitness goals; health goals; financial goals. But ultimately, I’m giving myself permission to simply be slower this year. I ended the final few months of 2023 feeling blinded by the serious health issues affecting my boyfriend, and while his recovery continues into this year, I spent the holidays offline finding a better pace for myself. They say “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, and so, I’d like to better fill up my cup this year.

Outfit details: Oubas Donegal Merino Wool Jumper (gifted), 2isenough Gathered Linen Skirt (gifted), Serapian Milano Bag and Vintage Mules, both found on Thrift+

It is a real privilege to work in the way I do, where I can choose my hours, my clients, and my work projects. So I’m going to use that to my advantage, to exercise in my downtime, to spend additional time making delicious food from scratch, and to pursue more learning.

In turn, I’ll be writing more this year. It’s always been my favourite medium: I wrote an 80,000-word teen fic novel when I was 16 (which was filled with my teenage angst, crushes, and so much cringe that I have since hard deleted it). On this blog, I’ve shared more than 700 posts. I love writing and I think I can share even more helpful reviews this year. And so that is the direction I’ll be taking over the course of this year – to try new sustainable innovations – i.e. kinder ways to live and dress – and write reviews that are useful, timely, and insightful. This isn’t a world away from what I’ve done in the past, but it is a slightly more narrowed down direction, and it seems reviews are my most read posts. While I loved doing compilations and deep dives into fashion brands – fast and slow alike – they don’t quite appeal to as broad an audience as I’d like.

So, let me ask you this: what would you like to see here for 2024? Any innovations you’d like me to try? Any greenwashing you’d like me to look into? Let me know, and I’ll add it to my list!

Happy New Year! Sending you all best wishes for this next chapter…


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