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Finding a good natural deodorant is hard. In fact, finding a good deodorant is hard! Swapping out my usual aerosol was one of the first changes I made when getting into non-toxic and natural beauty products. After years of trying and testing different types, here’s my shortlist of six products I recommend and routinely use…

Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?

The truthful answer is that some natural deodorants do work, and some don’t. This is something I get asked a lot, mainly due to people’s disappointment that a certain type of deodorant didn’t work for them. If this is you – don’t give up! I promise there’s an aluminium-free, ethical deodorant out there for you.

If I’m honest, I’m quite a sweaty person. I like to cycle. I regularly run. And when I’m passionately talking about something, ooh boy I sweat. For that reason, I find cream deodorants work best for me, as they tend to have more sticking power over my standard day.

Just like your skincare, it’s important that you recognise what your skin needs. If your underarms are dry, you will need something more moisturising, such as a cream deodorant with shea butter. If you like to smell fresh, I citrus spray might work better. And if you are quite physical during an average day, you may need to simply reapply every now and again!

What Makes A Deodorant “Natural”?

Defining the word natural is also tricky. Like I said way back in 2014, natural doesn’t have a legal definition, whereas other terms like ‘organic’ do. My understanding of a natural deodorant is one that doesn’t contain:

Aluminium is a major problem with deodorants – think of it as the SLS of haircare, or BPA in plastic. Aluminium metal has been linked to health problems, and is often found in deodorants and antiperspirants. The harm of aluminium in deodorants is also increased due to how quickly it can be absorbed by the skin on your underarms, so even if you don’t go with a natural deodorant, be sure to find an aluminium-free one.

Six Of The Best Natural Deodorants I’ve Tried

1. Best Cream Natural Deodorant: Elsa Organics

If you’re going to try a natural deodorant, my best recommendation is a cream deodorant. I spent around three years dodging these, thinking they would be more messy and inconvenient than a roll-on or spray. Three years later, I found out I’d been missing out on the most effective, long-lasting deodorants out there!

My favourite cream deodorant has to be Elsa Organic’s Deodorant*. I started off using their Ocean scent which has a breezy peppermint smell, but I’m now hooked on their Lemon Deodorant instead. Elsa’s uses teatree oil to make it naturally antibacterial, and keeps my underarms happy and moisturised all day long.

You can apply the traditional tin deodorant using the little wooden spatula that comes with it, and applying it to your underarms. Otherwise, go for their stick version, which is just as convenient as a roll-on!

2. The Best Zero Waste Deodorant: Earth Conscious

Earth Conscious Deodorant

If packaging is your main focus when buying beauty products, the Earth Conscious Stick Deodorant is your best bet. This is also a cream deodorant, and it comes in a clever cardboard tube and lid. Made from coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and bicarbonate of soda, it kept me clean and try at all times – even during my trip to Marrakesh last year.

I chose the unscented version, however the stick also comes in Peppermint & Spearmint, Grapefruit & Lemon, and a few other herbal mixes.

3. The Best Smelling Natural Deodorant: Pure Chimp

A new entrant into this list is my deodorant from PureChimp. I really can’t get enough of the smell of this deodorant. The banana extract in it makes it smell like a mix between bubblegum and those foam banana sweets, and it really does keep me smelling nice all day long.

One thing I would say is try to find a deodorant that has a combination of shea butter and antibacterial ingredients such as arrowroot powder or tea-tree oil. This one does, so it works well, but it is also a little drying on my skin.

4. The Best Premium Natural Deodorant: AKT

AKT Natural Deodorant

If you’re curating more of a luxury beauty counter in your home, AKT London* will become your new favourite deodorant. (I actually had the opportunity to try this deodorant during their crowdfunding stages, so you might also know the brand as Pitt London.)

While AKT’s deodorants have a fairly similar price tag to the other recommendations on this list, it comes in a beautiful metal tube that’s super convenient for travel, and lasts a long time even when used daily!

Now I’m familiar with AKT, I have to recommend their After Thunder scent* – it’s musky and masculine and more luxurious than a more traditional citrus scent. AKT also has a whole host of accessories – I like to use my current wooden applicator, and The Assistant tool* to squeeze out every last drop. And it works! This cream deodorant really does work hard throughout the day.

5. The Best Natural Roll-on: Green People

Green People Roll-on Deodorant

If you do want to stick will a more traditional roll-on, Green People’s Deodorant* has to be the way to go. I’m a big fan of their probiotic range (over their other roll-ons) as I’ve found they tend to work better on my skin.

Coming in a traditional roller-ball style tube with lid, it’s a great introduction to natural beauty that doesn’t stray too far from the regular high street alternatives.

6. The Best Natural Spray Deodorant: Weleda

Weleda Spray Deo

Finally, there’s the spray deodorant. I know many people will want this more than the creams or roll-ons as they’re quick and easy to use. Weleda’s spray deodorants* have been the best option for both my boyfriend and I, bringing a fresh scent and clean feeling with every use. Their formula is a little less clean that the cream deodorants, using perfume amongst a number of essential oils to create a nice odour.

Unfortunately, I’ve found natural spray deodorants to be the least effective out of the lot, which may have something to do with the amount applied when spraying. However, if you’re set on a spray, it’s good to know their are options out there for you!

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