Advertising & Sponsorship

Occasionally, I will be paid by a brand to write a blog post featuring them in a way that I deem appropriate. I work closely with each and every brand I feature in this way, and I always write honestly about the products featured too. These posts will always be clearly marked as sponsored, with “Ad” in the title.


Curiously Conscious sometimes features affiliate links, from which I may make a small percentage of money from the items sold through them. This does not add any cost to you as a reader of Curiously Conscious or as a consumer of my affiliates’ products, but it does help keep the blog going!


All content on Curiously Conscious has been created by me, Besma Whayeb, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without asking for my permission.

Product Samples

My blog also features products I’ve purchased myself and press samples, although I am in no way obliged to feature the latter. Some products may also be purchased with a press discount.

I only feature products that I genuinely love and want to recommend, so that you can enjoy them too.

Report a problem

If, as a reader, you ever have trouble navigating Curiously Conscious, or are not enjoying the user experience, please let me know!