Is Romilly Wilde Worth The Spend?

I’m back with another skincare review! I’ve got three Romilly Wilde skincare empties in front of me, and after using the products for the last few months, it’s time to write an honest review. Is Romilly Wilde worth the investment? Here are my thoughts on the luxury skincare brand, and their three bestselling products…

Who Is Romilly Wilde?

Romilly Wilde is a British skincare brand founded by health and wellness entrepreneur Susie Willis. The brand is rooted in science and sustainability, stating on its website “We have built a revolutionary skincare range that harnesses biotechnology alongside natural science, always looking to reduce our impact on the planet and the environment.” To that end, the beauty brand has been awarded the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury, been certified by Provenance, and is registered with Ecologi. And, as with all beauty featured on my site, it’s cruelty-free.

Is Romilly Wilde Sustainable?

Based on the above accolades, I am quite confident in Romilly Wilde’s sustainability claims. On their site, they also detail the natural and biotech ingredients they use in their skincare, which is where I think the future of sustainable skincare and perfume is. Instead of taking from nature, why don’t we recreate it, similar to lab-grown diamonds?

However, outside of Romilly Wilde’s showcase of ingredients and biotechnology, I wasn’t able to find much more about their sustainable commitments or impact. Despite their commitment to traceability, it seems an average customer can’t find out where their products are made, or their means of production. It’s a shame, as I think this is another selling point, and one that brands like Dr. Barbara Sturm actively showcase.

My Honest Thoughts on Romilly Wilde Skincare

I’ve been using the following three best-selling products from the Romilly Wilde skincare range for the past few months. Now that I’ve finished all three, here are my thoughts…

Light + Energy Serum Cleanser Review

Light + Energy Serum Cleanser

My first introduction to the Romilly Wilde brand was their bright pink and orange boxes, which you can’t miss when you see them in store. They open up to reveal slick, minimal products inside. Due to the design, I really liked having the Light + Energy Serum Cleanser (gifted) sat on my sink.

I have dry skin, which is even drier due to my rigorous retinol use, so I thought this cleanser would be a great match. A serum-like cleanser? Sign me up. Sadly though, I wasn’t really taken with this cleanser. It has a smooth, balm-like consistency that melts onto the skin, and is super rich and super gentle. However, it’s not effective at removing makeup, and I often found it hard to wash off without a washcloth. The 100ml version of this cleanser does come with a muslin cloth, indicating the brand’s own recommendation to use a cloth with it. However, it was just not to my liking.

Advanced Supercell Serum Review

Romilly Wilde Advanced Supercell Serum as part of Besma's winter skincare routine for sensitive skin

Next up, the Advanced Supercell Serum (gifted). Serum is my favourite step in my skincare routine. It’s so nice to feel serum glide onto fresh skin, and this serum delivered. The Advanced Supercell Serum has a thin yet creamy consistency, and quickly sinks into the skin. My skin drunk this up! I was so taken with this serum that I previously featured it in my winter skincare favourites, although I think it’s great all year round.

I will say, I have two minor hang-ups with this serum. First, its “corrective concentrate” promises to reduce redness, but as someone with type 1 rosacea, I saw no change.

Second, the packaging. This £90 serum comes in a glass bottle with a plastic lid. The silver quickly scuffed off my lid, too. For this price tag, I would expect higher quality packaging. And considering the brand’s sustainability principles, the abundant use of plastic in the range is a bit questionable.

Night Duty Face Cream Review

Close-up of Romilly Wilde Night Duty Face Cream Review

Finally, let’s talk about my favourite product from the Romilly Wilde range: the Night Duty Face Cream (gifted). I love a night cream – my skin needs all the hydrating it can get – and this one quickly became a favourite. I would look forward to using this cream at bedtime!

The Night Duty Face Cream has a thick, creamy consistency that glides along the skin, and just like the Supercell Serum, sinks in without any stickiness. It’s yellow in colour, and comes in an airless pump container, which means you can use every last drop. And I really did!

For the £110 price tag, this night cream lived up to expectations. I found my skin was more hydrated and glowy each morning, after using it the night before. I survived winter without any dryness! And its ingredients list is jam-packed with natural goodness. I can’t speak to the product’s ‘bio retinol’ claims, as I would often apply it on top of my usual retinol, but together, the duo worked a dream.

My Overall Rating of Romilly Wilde: 7/10

I really like the Romilly Wilde skincare range. Their approach – using a mixture of organic, natural, and biotech ingredients – does work. Their skincare is effective and luxurious. Out of the three products I tried, I would re-buy the Night Duty Face Cream in a heart-beat. However, I have docked three points due to the lack of information around the brand’s sustainability claims – which I fully believe are up to scratch, but simply haven’t been shared – and their packaging choices.

Their website touts ‘recyclable’ as one of the brand’s credentials, so I was surprised at how much plastic is used in their products. And even if a lot of it is recyclable, it’s up to the user to know that you have to take apart the bottles, and sort accordingly. I think there are other sustainable skincare brands with similar price points who are using better packaging, and I’d like to see Romilly Wilde adopt this in the future.

Romilly Wilde is available to purchase at and Reliked*

Disclaimer: I was gifted the skincare products featured in this post. All views and opinions remain my own.


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