Styling Ideas For Spring

Spring is such an awkward season for styling, especially here in the UK. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining. (Here in Brighton, it was even hailing). At the same time, sporting a ludicrously capacious bag packed with a scarf, sweater, umbrella, and sunglasses just doesn’t appeal. It’s why I’ve been slow to change into spring outfits, but wanted to share five ways you can restyle your wardrobe to match the changing weather!

Four Spring Outfits & Styling Ideas

Instead of shopping for the new season, I encourage you to look into your wardrobe and see what you can restyle. I tend to keep distinct ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ wardrobes, and spring is the perfect time to blend the two. Bare a little skin, add some in-between layers, and go for a little colour! Have fun.

P.S. Amazingly, I managed to curate these outfits without any florals! Miranda Priestly, eat your heart out.

1. Add A Pop Of Colour

Double denim never goes out of style, so make the most of layering up a denim jacket and jeans – or in my case, a mini skirt – and keeping warm in the denser fabric. There’s something about the way denim holds the body that just feels so cosy, don’t you think? For Spring, I’m pairing my denim set from Aligne* with my Wandler knee-high booties (found on Thrift+) and this chartreuse handbag from Under Her Eyes, gifted last year. It’s got everything good spring outfits need – a bit of skin, a bit of warmth, and a pop of colour.

2. Mix A Blazer Into Your Outfit Rotation

If you’re not quite ready to start wearing summer clothes – me either – now’s the time to get your blazer back out. The beauty of a blazer is that it can sit underneath a trench coat or even a winter coat and add an additional layer of warmth while giving you the opportunity to remove or add layers depending on the situation. My favourite blazer has to be this asymmetrical one from GANNI, which I’ve worn probably a hundred times now. Here, I’ve layered it with a boatneck swimsuit from Berlook – perfect for a swim or spa day! – and a heavy pair of cream trousers from Marc O’Polo (gifted).

3. Switch Tights For Stockings

One of my favourite ways to show off my legs without getting too chilly in Winter is a pair of tights. For Spring, switch these out for stockings! Swedish Stockings is my go-to for all my hosiery needs – although check out my guide to sustainable tights and hosiery for more options – and these stockings have been in service for a good few years now. I love how they look paired with my Jonak heels – reviewed here – and this Helmut Lang mini dress I picked up in Cow Vintage Manchester in 2022. For an all-black outfit like this, the key is to mix textures and shapes. I like to wear this under a trench coat or my long rain black frilly raincoat from JW Andersen.

4. Go For A Deeper Neckline With Long-Sleeves

Finally, let’s focus on a silhouette that’s perfect for all spring outfits – long sleeves with a deep neckline. I feel like I’m coming out of winter by showing a bit more skin, but that often comes at a risk of feeling cold. My fashion hack? A top or dress with deep neckline and long sleeves. I will forever be warm so long as my shoulders are covered, so this silhouette covers both bases without sacrificing on comfort. I first wore this dress in my review of Saint + Sofia, and it’s become a staple in my wardrobe for transeasonal dressing. You’ll find me wearing this dress with a floaty black scarf and my trench coat, and if it does get too cold, I can pop on a jumper as well!

What’s your favourite outfit for spring? Let me know if you try any of my restyling tips!

Disclaimer: This post features an affiliate link (denoted '*') and gifted item (denoted 'gifted'). Outdoor photography by Lauren Shipley.


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