A Guide To Second-Hand Shops in Birmingham

Collage of The Best Second-Hand Shops in Birmingham

I love second-hand shopping, and Birmingham has such a good array of vintage stores and second-hand shops! Having lived in the city while doing my undergrad, I used to regularly visit the city centre and Digbeth to find second-hand clothes, shoes, accessories, and even homewares. On my return to the city last weekend, I went to check out my old haunts – and document some new places too! Here’s my guide to the best second-hand shops in Birmingham for you to enjoy…

5 of the Best Second-Hand Shops in Birmingham

Over my long weekend, I spent two afternoons visiting second-hand shops in the city centre and Digbeth areas of Birmingham. Here are my favourites, working from the inner city outwards…

La MC Vintage

5 North Western Arcade, Birmingham B2 5LH

La MC Vintage is by far my favourite vintage shop in Birmingham. Having opened three years ago, it was a new discovery on my return to the city last weekend, and I’m so glad I sought it out! Here, you’ll find knitwear of a very high standard (think 100% cashmere, merino, wool, etc.) as well as high quality leather jackets at reasonable prices (£60 – £95). They even had a number of designer sets, handbags, silk scarves, and brooches. And, they’re open to cutting you a deal, too. I walked away with this linen shirt for £16 – new in that day – and a cashmere jumper that had a small repair for just £6.

(Please note – La MC Vintage does not have an online shop and is in the process of having a scam site impersonating their business taken down).

My rating: 9/10


38 High Street, Birmingham B4 7SL

Next, a second-hand store that could prove quite controversial! Wornwell is a vintage wholesalers that has its own concession within Primark, of all places. I stepped into the fast fashion hellscape in order to see what it was all about, and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. At Worn Well, you’ll find real leather belts for £6, leather jackets for £30, and a lot of streetwear with mass appeal. In fact, I’m actually quite surprised Primark has permitted such a store on their premises, considering the quality of the clothing is far higher than a lot of what they stock, while being sold for equivalent prices.

My rating: 8/10

Dark Bull / Nan Summers

90 Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DY

Now onto a true independent vintage store. Meet Nan Summers Vintage, aka Dark Bull. I don’t know why they have two names, but I do know their second-hand clothing selection is great! In this little shop you’ll find lots of American vintage clothing – think bomber jackets, sports shirts, and work wear – as well as second-hand street style clothing. They also had a rack of beautiful fur coats, all for less than £50. Overall, a great selection for a fair price.

My rating: 8/10


82-85 Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DY

I love COW Birmingham. This was the first vintage store I stepped into during my student days where I realised the true potential of second-hand clothing. However, on my student budget, I couldn’t really afford a lot of it. Now, I have a little more spending money, and perusing the rails I did think clothing was a little more premium than elsewhere, but for obvious reasons. Alongside stocking A LOT of second-hand clothing, they have rails and rails of reworked clothing, as well as reworked bags, and designer items. They also have a huge section for second-hand menswear, which is rare to see. I rate COW, and this store may just be better than their one in Manchester too.

My rating: 8/10

Red Brick Market

119 Floodgate Street, Deritend, Birmingham B5 5SU

Finally, one of the best places to go thrifting in Birmingham has to be Red Brick Market. This place is thrift shop heaven! Located a street away from the Custard Factory, this is another factory-turned-shopping-destination that is home to a good few independent traders. You’ll find themed vintage and second-hand stalls, alongside furniture, accessories, and even hot sauce. This vintage shearling jacket was just £60, in perfect condition, which had to be the best price I’d found across all the other establishments. Just be ready to go diving into rail upon rail of clothing!

My rating: 8/10

A Few Honorable Mentions

I also wanted to include three more destinations that I sadly didn’t get chance to visit during my three-day trip to Birmingham!

British Heart Foundation
81 Bull Street, Birmingham B4 6AB

British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical Store
98 Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 6SX

Designer Exchange
Unit 25 Great Western Arcade, Birmingham B2 5HU

Let me know if you visit any of these – or if there’s any I’ve missed from my list!


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