My DIY Bow Earrings & Jumper Tutorial

Bows are probably the biggest trend of 2023. If you know me, you know I don’t really do trends, but I’ve made an exception this month to try my hand at a little crafting. I spotted Simone Rocha’s bow earrings (and bow everything) in a magazine last month and thought “I can make that”, and here we are! My very first tutorial, featuring these DIY bow earrings, and jumper bows to match!

These earrings cost just 70p to make (granted, I had the earrings and glue to hand) and the bows for my jumper were just as cheap. If this post inspires you to do anything, please let it be a visit to your local haberdashery, where you’ll realise very quickly just how cheap ribbons, buttons, and DIY fixes can be if you know where to source them and have a bit of time to spare.

How To Make My DIY Bow Earrings

Here’s how I made £300 Simone Rocha earrings for less than £1! And how you can make them for yourself:

  1. First go to your local haberdashery to find thin red ribbon – I bought two metres of it for 70p.
  2. Next, get some dangly earrings. I already had this pair in my jewellery box, bought from Lovisa earlier this year for less than £20.
  3. To make the bows, I measured 50cm of ribbon – although you could go a little longer, try 60cm or even 70cm – and make these into bows. The trick here is to be patient with the bow – gently tease it until you get the perfect bow to ribbon ratio. Pro tip: compared the bows next to each other before fully tightening the knots.
  4. Next get some glue – I used superglue because it was the only thing in the house – and take some time to apply the glue to the earring first, and then firmly press onto the bow. It’ll take a little while for the glue to fuse to the fabric, but you can leave these face down and wait.

And that’s it! I recommend waiting a full hour before wearing. These earrings are perfect for Christmas although I’ll likely wear these year round!

How To Make My DIY Bow Jumper

If the earrings aren’t enough, here’s how to make a DIY Simone Rocha bow jumper – I did mine just in time for #ChristmasJumperDay, but honestly you can wear these year-round!

To make your own DIY bow jumper:

  1. Start by cutting the ribbon into 50 cm lengths, and then tie the bows.
  2. Gently tease the bows until you’re happy with the bow to ribbon ratio, and compare them get them perfectly symmetrical. I made two but you could make as many as you want!
  3. Next, get your safety pins, or the pins that often come on hang tags.
  4. Then get some glue – I only had super glue to hand – and apply the glue to the pin first, then hold against the ribbon of the fabric until the glue fuses.
  5. Leave for some time – I did an hour to make sure they were dry – and then attach to your jumper however you wish!

What do you think of the overall look? Let me know if you make these yourself!


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