How I’m Styling My Leather Midi Skirt

Drum roll please… Is this the unveiling of a brand new investment piece?! I think you might be right! And I’m so excited to show you her! Introducing my new leather midi skirt, in buttery soft black leather, bought second-hand from Reliked*. She was originally from Theory, retailing for an eye-watering sum, but as with most of my second-hand steals, I bought her for a fraction of the RRP. To celebrate the introduction of a new item in my wardrobe, and a new silhouette for me to wear, I wanted to share three ways I’ll be styling this skirt…

A New Investment Piece…

I shop with the intention of building around the investment pieces in my wardrobe. It’s taken years of practice to stop feeling tempted by high street stores and new trends, but I think I’m at the point where they just don’t appeal any more. Is that what we’ve been working towards? Have I reached capsule wardrobe nirvana? Or is this what happens when you turn 30?! Who knows. Either way, it was this skirt that gave me a jolt of excitement when I saw it, and then I waited six weeks until I knew it had to be mine!

I started my style journey back in 2018. It was quite simple – I read Anushka Rees’ Curated Closet*, and began to suss out what I liked about fashion, and what I enjoyed to wear. (It might surprise you but the two often don’t overlap!) From there, I started following the #30wears principle, where I’ll ask myself if I’ll wear something at least 30 times before I buy it. It’s led to me creating a very cohesive wardrobe, where I can easily mix and match my clothes. And finally, I also like to look closer at the fabrics and quality of the clothes I buy – it’s why I support the Filter by Fabric campaign wholeheartedly.

Now this skirt fits right in with all of those principles – it’s cohesive with my wardrobe, will live up to at least 30 wears, and is made from high quality leather (although the sustainable leather vs. vegan leather debate rages on). It also gives me a new silhouette to play around with. Since it arrived two weeks ago, I’ve worn it four times – which means it’ll be worn far more than 30 times at this rate!

How To Style A Leather Midi Skirt

Here’s how I’ve been wearing my new leather midi skirt, with a nod to the transitional weather we’re experiencing right now. If you’d like more autumn outfit inspiration, check out my post with Peper Harow!

1. A Simple Camisole & Jewellery

For my first look, I wanted to show how to pair delicate and tough in one outfit. This Ayten Gasson bamboo silk camisole is handmade here in Brighton, and was recently gifted to me by Ayten herself. I’ve paired it with a simple gold pendant necklace, and my favourite gold suitor chain bracelet from Monarc Jewellery. (Almost all of my jewellery is from Monarc – I love the soft, milky tone of gold they use, as well as their ethics). This looks works well with a jumper thrown around the shoulders, or a trench coat for windier weather.

2. All Black, All Texture

Next, a slightly more layered look, and one in my favourite (absence of) colour: black. I remember being a teenager and thinking black was so boring, only to now drench myself in it as my power colour. I feel confident in black, and I like to wear clothing that highlights the textures and fit over the patterns and colours. Here I’ve done just that, with an age-old cashmere jumper from Everlane, and leaned into the leather skirt with my Wandler leather knee-high boots and Serapian Milano handbag, both of which were purchased second-hand on Thrift+.

3. With An Oversized Knit

Finally, my favourite outfit of the lot, and the one that keeps me the warmest. Here, I’ve paired two rather beautiful pieces that both do the talking: my recycled cashmere roll-neck sweater from Dai (kindly gifted) and the Theory leather midi skirt that is the star of this piece. Dai is sadly closing its doors at the end of the year, another casualty of the cost of living crisis and how the sustainable fashion market has shrunk this year. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out their archive sale for incredibly well made pieces at reasonable prices.

I sized up this sweater to give it a slouchier, oversized fit, and I’m glad I did, as the skirt helps draw the outfit in at the waist, giving me shape without too much faff. As I’m 5′ 5″ with some curves, I often find it hard to feel in-proportion in outfits shown on tall models, but I’m so pleased with how this outfit comes together.

How To Care For A Leather Skirt

Finally, let’s talk about the clothing care required for a leather midi skirt. Leather clothing requires a little more love and attention than other textiles due to it quite literally being skin. It needs to be shielded from damp (a rule which I unfortunately broke the first time I wore this skirt, getting caught in a serious downpour, and soaking the lower ends of the skirt). I try to do this by wearing the skirt under long coats when out in inclement weather, and using the dehumidifier in my wardrobe from time to time to whisk away any dampness in the walls.

On the skirt itself, I’ve used a leather moisturiser just once, after the unfortunate incident in the rain. This has helped keep its buttery soft texture, but it’s not as perfect as it once was.

Finally, I like to hang this skirt to avoid giving it any unnecessary wrinkles, and I do so by padding out a simple trouser hanger with reusable cotton rounds*. This keeps the clips from making indentations on the leather, a clever little hack that can be used on any delicate garments.

Which look is your favourite? Let me know if you style your leather midi skirt similarly!

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items (denoted 'gifted') and affiliate links (denoted '*'). Photography by Lauren Shipley.


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