10 Harsh Truths For Earth Day

For Earth Day, I wanted to share a few harsh truths that might not be seen elsewhere today. I’ve previously celebrated the day by sharing my favourite photos of the planet, by sharing positive actions, and more. But this year I just wanted to say f*ck it, it’s a climate emergency, and share some harsh truths that you might not see in more polished, commercial campaigns…

Harsh Truths For Earth Day

  1. Stop voting Tory. They hate immigrants, the working class, and they want to continue exploiting our planet for their profit.
  2. Call to abolish the Monarchy. They uphold colonialism and white supremacy (not pictured: my refusal to attend this year’s Royal Garden Party and the Palace’s snooty response…)
  3. Eat whatever you want, but generally avoid meat and dairy. They’re bad for your health and for the sheer emissions.
  4. Stop buying fast fashion. Yes I’m judging you. Even if you’re my best friend, my sister, or my mum, you can and should afford better. And for the tiny minority of you who can’t afford better – this obviously doesn’t apply to you.
  5. Don’t be afraid to make people uncomfortable by talking about the climate crisis. This isn’t ever an easy conversation. Change isn’t ever an easy path. Challenge others – but do it with love and compassion.
  6. Channel your energy into climate action rather than pruning your lifestyle. Join a union, find community groups, protest, talk to your neighbours, email your MP, volunteer, swap clothes, join a composting scheme, do a beach clean, or a litter pick. Foster connection.
  7. Get out in nature. It’s good for your health and will make you realise just how much the natural world has depleted around us. 1/4 mammals are facing extinction in the UK, and 60% of flying insects are already dead.
  8. Give generously and without applause. Make charitable donations a part of your routine, even if it’s a few quid here and there. If you can’t afford to donate now, you never will if or when you feel richer.
  9. Practice radical acceptance. It shouldn’t be ‘radical’ to accept everyone for who they are… But I’ll accept that might be radical for some. To be blunt: get over your discomfort in pronouncing a foreign name or using a different pronoun. Stop asking people where they’re “really from”. If we can’t accept one another, how do expect the rich to relinquish the wealth they built off colonialism and planetary destruction and share it with us?! That might not ever be a real outcome but at the very least, we have to stop engaging with manufactured outrage, and start working together.
  10. Dare to dream. (This was the hardest one for me. I can’t envision a future where the world isn’t on fire, but perhaps somewhere amid the apocalypse we can save a few bees, a few trees, and build better systems for future generations.) Put simply: if we don’t know what we’re aiming for, we’ll never get there.

I’d love to hear your harsh truths for Earth Day too. How do you feel deep down?
And how can we act better, starting today?

Photography by Lauren Shipley.


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