55 Brighton Recommendations, From A Brightonian

Brighton is such a beautiful city. Even now, in February, the sun-soaked houses scattered across Brighton’s hills are a gorgeous sight. Having moved here in 2020, I feel like I’ve only really got to know Brighton and its residents properly over the last year or so. To honour that, I’ve been putting together a number of guides to Brighton, and spent some time this month exploring the city with fresh eyes. Here’s where to head to if you’re visiting Brighton, be it for a day, or for an eco-friendly holiday!

7 of the Best Cafes in Brighton

Brighton is sometimes called London-on-sea, and for good reason. The café culture here is strong, with great coffee roasters and baristas alike. I couldn’t name one single café as my favourite (just check my purse, bursting with loyalty cards), so I’ve made a whole list for you to choose from! Click here for the full guide to the best cafés in Brighton, or scroll through my Instagram post:


10 of the Best Independent Shops in Brighton

One of the things I love so much about living in Brighton and Hove is that there are so many great independent stores. I don’t like pushing consumption, but if you are coming here to spend some £££, make it at one of my favourite independent shops in Brighton


21 of the Best Charity Shops in Brighton

I love a good charity shop. I’ve been thrifting in them for years, and I’ve found some of my favourite second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories in them. Brighton is home to a fair few charity shops, and I peruse them all at least once a month for the latest gems. Here’s my list of the best charity shops in Brighton, as well as reasons why you should visit each one sometime soon!


8 of the Best Restaurants in Brighton

As a new update on this guide, I’ve now compiled my list of the best restaurants in Brighton! This includes a late submission: Botanique, the vegan, seasonal British restaurant where I chose to celebrate my birthday!


9 of the Best Eco-Friendly Brighton-Based Brands

Finally, let me share with you my favourite Brighton-based brands! With such a large community of environmentally-friendly people here in Brighton, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many eco-friendly products hail from the city here:

Got some recommendations of your own to add to the list?
Let me know below – I’d love to discover more gems around Brighton!


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