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Psst… I’ve got a secret for you. Did you know, you can save hundreds of pounds, and hundreds of kilos of carbon emissions, by choosing refurbished tech rather than buying new? I bought my first refurbished phone back in 2020, and have just upgraded to a refurbished laptop with thanks to BornGood!

Over 44% of shoppers are planning to buy tech this Black Friday, and yet e-waste is now the world’s fastest growing domestic waste stream. So why not make the switch to a refurbished laptop, phone, or tablet? Here’s why I made the change, and where I’d recommend to shop…

What Is Refurbished Tech?

Refurbished tech refers to any gadget that has been used and since undergone refurbishing by a tech specialist. Refurbished tech feels just like new – the previous user’s data has been securely wiped, and any issues are fixed before resale.

6 Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Tech

By choosing to purchase refurbished tech, you can:

  1. Save a lot of money compared to buying new
  2. Ensure tech is in excellent condition (and under warranty)
  3. Save on carbon emissions
  4. Reduce demand for precious metal mining
  5. Stop e-waste from causing hazardous pollution
  6. Contribute to e-waste recycling

1. Save a lot of money compared to buying new

Did you know, the value of a smartphone can depreciate by up to 62% within 6 months of purchase? Put simply, buying new tech isn’t a savvy investment. If you know where to shop, you can get high quality tech in an excellent condition for a much lower price than if you buy new.

For example, take my ‘new to me’ laptop. I saved over £1,000 on the RRP of my new laptop by buying it from BornGood! My existing laptop was due to be replaced, and after checking out this refurbished laptop’s specs, I realised I could save a lot of money buying refurbished rather than new.

Before it got to me, my refurbished laptop had been lightly used in an office-setting. It also came with the guarantee that it was in excellent working condition. And of course, there was a huge cost saving too!

2. Ensure tech is in excellent condition (and under warranty)

If you’re already thinking about buying tech second-hand, I’d really recommend shopping with a professional refurbished tech platform rather than going through a private seller. Refurbished tech comes with the benefit of knowing that it has been looked at by a tech specialist, assessed and ensured that it is in working order, and repaired to a very high standard before being resold. This automatically gives me more peace of mind when investing in new tech. Plus, my new laptop from BornGood comes with a 12 Month Warranty, so if I did ever experience a hiccup, I can contact them for support.

3. Save on carbon emissions

Now more than ever, it’s important to reduce your carbon emissions. I like to keep track of my emissions and offset these every year, but new purchases can contribute a lot. According to the NY Times, the carbon emissions of a new laptop range from 160 to 334 kgCO2e. For context, 334 kgCO2e is roughly equivalent to an “829-mile road trip in an average gas-powered vehicle”. That’s a lot.

Choosing a circular equivalent can help reduce emissions. My new-to-me laptop has saved over 200kg of carbon emissions, as well as reducing on demand for new tech, and reducing waste!

4. Reduce demand for precious metal mining

Many people don’t know that some of the world’s rarest mineral resources are used in technology. The phone in your hand and the laptop on your desk both contain heavy metals that have most likely been mined in a dirty way. This means that when these metals were mined, they had a huge impact on workers’ health, as well as the environment. If you don’t want to support this dirty practice, choosing an existing gadget is your best option. Circularity really is the future!

5. Stop e-waste from causing hazardous pollution

According to a World Economic Forum report, 50 million tonnes of e-waste are dumped into the ground each year. This is terrible for the planet – electrical waste that improperly disposed of can cause hazardous conditions. When technology is incinerated or taken to landfill, the aforementioned heavy metals can pollute the air, ground, and surface water. In turn, this can poison wildlife, as well as crops, and even drinking water.

By choosing refurbished tech, you’re giving a gadget a new home, rather than sending it to landfill. You can also ensure your older tech is responsibly recycled, or even donated to local charities. I’ve previously donated old phones to Community Calling, and I recommend initiatives such as Donate Digital, which help tackle digital poverty by donating laptops to school children and those in need.

6. Contribute to e-waste recycling

Currently, 4 out of 5 digital products are thrown away. Recycling rates for e-waste need to grow rapidly, as the demand for tech is still growing year on year. Electronic recycling varies from place to place, so check the RecycleNow website for electronic recycling near you, and consider being part of the e-waste recycling system by buying refurbished!

Choosing Refurbished Tech With BornGood: My Review

I have to be honest – I’m a bit picky when it comes to tech. I like a certain brand, and their products are quite pricey. I’ve needed a new laptop for much of this year, but I haven’t had the disposable income to buy one. And then I discovered BornGood.

Founded in 2016, BornGood has been challenging the disposable attitude towards single-life tech, giving it a new lease of life in a greener, safer, and more rewarding way. As a top 25 ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company in the UK, they work with businesses across the country to recover old tech, refurbish it, and resell it.

The greatest thing about buying from BornGood is that they source their products from businesses that require the latest tech. This means that their stock is often lightly-used, and in an excellent condition for personal use. It also comes with a huge discount on the RRP! Their website has a huge range to choose from, and products are frequently updated.

When I ordered my laptop, it came with next-day delivery, and was expertly packaged to ensure safe transit to my home.

And how is it? Excellent, in all honesty. I feel like I have a brand new laptop! In fact, I’m typing this from it right now! The laptop came in pristine condition, packaged in a cardboard box, inflated sleeve, and sealed bag. And it runs so much quicker than my old one. I’ve already copied across all my files, logged into my accounts, and feel like I’m working from a brand new machine. Put simply, it’s been a total upgrade!

Where To Buy Refurbished Tech In The UK

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, phone, tablet, or any other smart device, I really recommend looking for a refurbished option as a priority. You can save money, and save on environmental impact too!

BornGood is my top recommendation when it comes to buying refurbished tech in the UK. Their website is easy to navigate, with new products uploaded frequently. You can find laptops, tablets, desktops, and more. Once I found the right laptop for me, I was able to purchase with confidence, with a clear product description, details of condition, and 1 Year Warranty. And the delivery was super quick! I received my laptop the very next day. The laptop is clean, quick, and puts my old model to shame!

If you’re replacing existing tech, please also consider donating your older items to charity. Community Calling and Donate Digital are two initiatives to consider, as well as schemes with your local council!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BornGood and contains affiliate links. All views and opinions expressed remain my own. Photography by Lauren Shipley.


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