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Socks are one of life’s little pleasures. They’re the unsung heroes of our wardrobes, tirelessly cushioning our feet, keeping us warm, comfy, and happy. I mean, there’s nothing worse than a wet sock. And the disappointment when finding a hole in a sock? Immeasurable. The only thing that trumps a good pair of socks? A luxury cotton sock from Peper Harow, of course!

I recently discovered Peper Harow, the luxury sock brand hailing from West Sussex (just one county over from me!) that ethically makes their socks here in the UK. With this discovery, I thought it about time I revisited my sock drawer and shared with you my latest additions…

What Makes A Good Pair Of Sustainable Socks?

Back in 2019 I wrote my guide to ethical socks, and in it I outlined what I look for in a good pair of sustainable socks. Here’s how Peper Harow measures up against my criteria:

1. Transparent supply chains. It’s good to know who is making your socks, and that they are being treated well and paid a fair wage. Peper Harow produces their socks in their factory in West Sussex, meaning they can make sure that staff are treated fairly on a day-to-day basis. It also means they can invest in the latest technology to be more efficient, and use solar panels to power their factory!

2. Sustainable materials. In my guide to sustainable fabrics, I shared 15 different textiles I consider better for the planet (and much, much better than polyester, which is the fashion industry’s #1 textile). For socks, my top recommendation is organic cotton, which Peper Harow uses in many of their designs, alongside Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton. Even better – the socks are made

3. Slow production. Nobody needs a new pair of socks every week, which is why I recommend buying your socks from small brands that work against the fast fashion business model. Peper Harow makes socks that are designed to last, providing a 1 year quality guarantee with every pair.

4. Circular design. Socks are a fantastic example of a garment that can be made from just a few materials, so go for ones with a high cotton content if you can. All of Peper Harow’s socks are made with cotton as their main component, ensuring comfort, moisture wicking, and also making them vegan!

My Collection Of Luxury Cotton Socks From Peper Harow

Onto my personal collection of Peper Harow socks! It was so nice to find a brand local to me, making socks I truly love wearing. In my collection is:

1. Beige retro stripe socks. I love the design of these socks so much! They’re cute when shown off completely, or tucked away in a shoe. Peper Harow has a whole host of playful designs, although I do prefer a neutral colour palette (as you probably know by now). These are playful without taking away too much focus from the rest of my outfit!

2. Recycled rib socks. These are the workhorse in my collection of Peper Harow socks. Made with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) recycled cotton, they’re super soft, and the perfect thickness to wear with shoes all day long. The stripes and printed logo also make them look a little more professional, while still being interesting.

3. Cream bed socks. And finally, my favourite socks – my bed socks! I have only just discovered the joys of bed socks this year, and I hope I can share the secret joy that comes with slipping on a pair of super soft, comfy socks with you too! Made for lounging about and sleeping in, these socks are soft and comfy, yet cool enough to wear all night long. Our little cottage gets a bit chilly at this time of year so these have become an essential alongside my PJs!

Get 20% Off Luxury Cotton Socks At Peper Harow

If you’re looking to update your sock drawer, or to get someone the perfect gift for this time of year, I really recommend Peper Harow’s socks! These combine the three things I look for in fashion: style, substance, and sustainability. And you can get 20% off on your first purchase with the code: CURIOUSLYSTYLISH

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Peper Harow. All views and opinions expressed remain my own. Photography by Lauren Shipley.


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