The Best Brunch Spots In Manchester

Brunch! My favourite meal of the day. During our trip to Manchester, my friend E and I pretty much lived off two meals a day – brunch, and dinner. And we ate like kings! Here’s three of my favourite brunch spots in Manchester, and reasons why you need to visit all three…

3 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Manchester

When it comes to brunch, I’m always get savoury food. The closest you’ll see me get to sweet is a butter croissant – no almonds, no chocolate, just plain, delicious butter. Thankfully E has more of a sweet tooth in the morning than I do, so I’ll also share what she had to give balance (!)

1. North Tea Power

North Tea Power, 36 Tib St, Greater, Manchester, M4 1LA

If you want a really good cup of tea, and maybe even a vegan breakfast to match, North Tea Power is the spot. We headed here while staying at Selina in the Northern Quarter. It certainly delivered what I wanted – good, stodgy, breakfast food. The homemade beans and vegan sausage were highlights!


T R O V E, 5 Murray St, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6HS

Now, if you like something a little more gourmet, head to TROVE. We actually ate here twice because it was so good. On our first visit, we took pastries to go (see: buttery croissant). E had a seasonal danish – pear and vanilla – and it too, was good. So good that we had to head back. On our second visit, we dined in, and I went for a vegan breakfast. On the menu, it was described like any other vegan fry-up: beans, panisse, tomato, mushroom, toast. When it arrived, it was a whole different story. Look at that plate! The veggies were fresh, delicious, and so very different to a traditional fry-up with baked beans. I loved it.

3. Pollen Bakery

Pollen Bakery, 42 Aytoun St, Manchester, M1 3GL

My third and final recommendation has to be Pollen Bakery. We visited on the final day of our trip, and I’ll be honest, I was grumpy. I was tired, not looking forward to our journey, and my period had just arrived. Pollen Bakery turned that around. The menu is limited, but the dishes are perfect. We had to wait 20 minutes for a table, and it was worth it.

Once inside, we ordered tea and coffee. Then, I had poached eggs on toast, and the mustardy Hollandaise was like medicine. It was warm, creamy, and unafraid. The sourdough was incredible. And E agreed that her bacon bap was one of the best – I mean, can you even call it a bap when it comes in a brioche bun?! Head here when you want a 10/10 brunch.

Got any more brunch recommendations? Let me know!


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