What I Found On My Brighton Beach Clean…

Besma doing a beach clean on Brighton beach

You would not believe what I found doing a mini beach clean this week… Inspired by Plastic Free July and Le Good Society‘s Let’s Live With Less Plastic exhibition, I spent an hour down on Brighton beach picking up litter. Amongst the usual single-use plastic rubbish I also found something else – fashion waste!

@curiouslyconscious You would not believe what I found doing a mini beach clean… Inspired by #PlasticFreeJuly ♬ Dirty Harry – Gorillaz

Here’s a few items I found…

  • SHEIN bikini sticker
  • Birkenstocks label
  • Trespass shoes label
  • DKNY dress label
  • A hanger for flipflops
  • A lonely polyester stock

All this just makes me feel like fashion is more throwaway than ever before. I also wish any sort of business near areas of natural beauty had to only make biodegradable and wildlife friendly packaging because this was wild.

Beach Clean 101: Prevention Is The Best Cure

To help prevent this sort of litter lurking on the beach, please:

  • Avoid plastic packaging when out and about, refuse straws, and choose biodegradable packaging such as paper, cardboard, or wood
  • ALWAYS take your litter home with you
  • Walk up to the bins along the promenade and pier to dispose of your litter
  • Leave no trace on the beach – and try to #Take3ForTheSea when leaving the beach
  • Do a mini beach clean if you can spare the time

I’ll be doing more beach cleans in the future and sharing my finds with you. Have you found anything surprising on a beach clean?


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