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Green People Heritage Beauty Trio review

It’s time for a beauty update! When springtime begins each year, I like to refresh my skincare to match my skin’s needs. I love to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather… but my dry, sensitive skin? Not so much. Naturally, I choose products that prioritise sustainable and science-backed ingredients, and its Green People’s Heritage Beauty Trio* that I’ve recently switched to! Here’s my review of these three organic beauty products and how I’ve been getting on…

What’s In The Box?

I’ve been a fan of Green People and their organic beauty products for a number of years now, so it was lovely to discover the brand is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year! With the celebrations comes the launch of their Heritage Beauty Trio*, a special gift set combining three of their best-selling products:

  1. Gentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover
  2. Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream
  3. Fruitful Nights Night Cream

All three items are a brilliant introduction to Green People and their balanced skincare, which is certified organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. The set also comes in a specially presented gift box, making it a wonderful present, either to yourself or someone else!

One of my annual Green People repurchases is their sunscreen* and after-sun*, which provides UVA and UVB protection and is reef-safe, so this set was perfectly-timed new discovery. Promising to restore balance, softness, and radiance, I promptly started using all three a few weeks ago. Here’s how I’ve found them…

1. Gentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover

Green People Gentle Cleanse & Makeup Remover

Cream cleansers are my favourite way to wash my face, so Green People’s Gentle Cleanse & Make-Up Remover* was a welcome addition to my skincare routine. I’ve been using this organic cream cleanser in both the morning and evening to wash my skin, as well as to remove make-up.

Usually I find gentle, alcohol-free cleansers aren’t all that effective at removing make-up, but this product strikes a great balance for both. When I’m wearing long-lasting cosmetics like mascara or eyeliner, I like to blot a little of this cleanser onto a reusable pad and swipe the make-up off first. Once swiped, I’ll then gently rub the cleanser over my face and wash everything away.

And, it does exactly as it says: it hydrates, balances and purifies. Since I began using it, I’ve found my skin is left feeling soft and clean without any tightness. Followed up with the 24-Hour Cream or Night Cream, I’m golden.

2. Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream

In the mornings, I’ve been using Green People’s Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream* once I’ve cleansed. It’s a nourishing cream that can be applied day or night, but feels most wearable as a day cream for me.

This 24-Hour cream is hydrating but is easy to smooth across my skin and absorbs quickly, which is a must-have when it comes to my often rushed morning routine! I like to press it between my fingers before patting across my cheeks, forehead, chin and neck, and then follow it up with SPF.

Over the course of a day, I find my skin stays soft and supple without any tautness, which I can sometimes experience with less hydrating creams.

Green People Vita Min Fix 24 Hour Cream

3. Fruitful Nights Night Cream

Green People Fruitful Nights Night Cream

Finally, let’s talk about my favourite product out of the three: Green People’s Fruitful Nights Night Cream*. I love a good night cream – it’s a luxurious way to end a day, pampering my skin with an ultra-hydrating cream that feels as good as it smells. All three of the Heritage Trio products have a similar light, floral scent that I’ve come to enjoy across my skincare routine.

For the night cream, the aim is to minimise fine lines and improve skin texture. I can’t testify to these, but I can say it leaves my skin feeling really well hydrated without clogging my pores, and is a wonderfully balanced night cream for milder nights.

The Heritage Beauty Trio: A Winning Combination

Overall, I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well these three products have done for my typically fussy skin. As with all my beauty products, I insist on them being cruelty-free, but Green People goes above and beyond this, with vegan formulas, certified organic ingredients, and products suitable for all genders, skin types and ages. The Heritage Beauty Trio* is a brilliant introduction to the brand for anyone who’s yet to try them, and for repeat customers, it’s a lovely way to add three hero products into your skin routine.

Plus, the 50ml size of each of these means they’ll fit perfectly into my travel bag when I go on holiday later this year. It’s a win win!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Green People and contains affiliate links (denoted '*'). All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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