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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to clean clothes? Something that was quick, accurate, and saved on water too? Introducing w’air, a sleek, handheld device with three laundry applications: it can refresh clothes, it can remove stains, and it can even deep clean denims and delicates alike!

I’ll be honest, I’ve been seriously excited to try w’air since hearing about it earlier this year. I find clothes maintenance a bit of a chore – my washing machine’s rumbling, hour-long wash cycles aren’t exactly fun. I even have to time them around my video calls while working from home. And then of course, the drying takes quite a while, in a tiny flat like mine.

I’m hoping w’air can be to my washing machine what my steamer has been to my iron: a life-changing replacement that saves time and makes laundry easier! Here’s how I got on trying it out…

How Does w’air Work?

w’air is a new handheld device that has a number of laundry applications, from spot cleaning through to deep cleaning. It works quite simply, using a targeted, pressurised water spray alongside a range of effective detergents to clean clothes. It’s a marked improvement from traditional washing machines, as clothes laundering can be done in just a few minutes, and dried quickly too.

w’air cleans clothes effectively, removing stains, odours, and bacteria just like a washing machine does. However, in contrast to a washing machine, it saves on water, energy, and reduces the number of full washes your clothes need to go through. And did you know that around one third of our clothing’s carbon footprint comes from how we wash and care for them? w’air can extend the life of our clothes, as well as clean clothes in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

To use w’air, all you need is the device, the detergents, and water. Set up is simple: just put water into the water tank, and add a squirt of detergent for every 1/4 tank filled. The device also comes with a little instruction booklet, although I prefer to use the w’air app to find out the best way to clean each item before getting started.

1. Refreshing Clothes

With the recent hot weather, I’ve been wearing my favourite second-hand summer dress as much as possible. However, this gingham maxi dress tends to trap odours! Up until now, it’s required washes after every wear. Could w’air make a difference?

On my first try-out, I gave it quite a hefty task: remove the smell of sweat and barbecue smoke. To get started, I followed the instructions in the w’air app. It has guides on how to refresh clothes, how to remove stains, and how to deep clean. For refreshing, it told me to lay the dress flat, and refresh the areas where the odour was trapped. I paid special attention to the underarms and skirt of the dress. The spray comes out at a high pressure, but leaves clothes damp rather than soaked through. Once finished, I hung the dress to dry, and after an hour it was ready to wear again!

2. Removing Stains

Next up are my sneakers. I was surprised to learn that w’air also works on textiles like trainers, meaning your white sneakers can continue being white for longer… To make the most of this, I wanted to try removing stains from my new Hylo Sneakers – chiefly, the small blood stain on the inside panel, which I gained from running. Could w’air make them pristine white again?

Well, if you can tell from the before and after photos, the answer is yes! In order to remove stains, w’air requires an additional step before washing: the application of a prep’air detergent. In this instance, the app’s treatment guides advised that prep’air 2 was the best detergent to break down blood (prep’air 1 has a bleach base, while prep’air 2 has an enzyme base). I applied a few drops to the stain and left for 15 minutes to dry. Then I washed the stain with the w’air nozzle held against the fabric, and voilà, my shoe is back to bright white!

3. Deep Cleaning Clothes

Finally, how good is w’air at deep cleaning clothes? I decided to try deep cleaning my favourite pair of jeans, which had been worn multiple times and picked up a few small marks and stains since their last wash.

Fabrics like cotton and denim can hold a lot of water, so washing my jeans with w’air was quick and easy. I sprayed lightly across all of the denim on both sides, before then dipping in cold water (in my sink), and leaving to dry. On this sunny day, it only took a few hours to dry, and the jeans were back to clean!

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Overall, I’m so happy to have a w’air to look after my wardrobe. It’s easy to use, eco-friendly, and means I can get the most out of my wardrobe. For me personally, w’air is a game-changer when it comes to refreshing garments and removing stains. It’ll reduce how much I wash my clothes generally, and keep them at their best quality for longer.

I’m pleased to share that w’air has just launched in the UK at Selfridges and online at justwairit.com, retailing for £199. If you would like to purchase it, you can do so with 10% off using my code: BESMA10. And get ready to revolutionise the way you clean your clothes!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by w'air. I was gifted a w'air device in order to write this review. All views and opinions expressed remain my own. Discount code valid for 12 months from publication date.


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