The 10 Best Investment Pieces In My Wardrobe

New Year, new… approach to your wardrobe? I hope so! If you’re thinking of making your wardrobe more sustainable this year, one of the easiest ways to do so is to simply wear everything more. To help with that, today I wanted to share what I wear the most, and why I love these investment pieces so much.

Over the holidays, despite my constant curation of wishlists on Depop and Vestiaire Collective*, I realised I no longer get the feeling of needing something new in my wardrobe. The bases are very well covered. And it got me thinking… why haven’t I shone a light on the clothes I wear the most? The workhorses of my wardrobe. The investment pieces that are pennies per wear. These pieces are both great in terms of their sustainable credentials, but also great because wearing them so much is sustainable in itself!

So, here’s a little showcase of the items I wear the most, and photos of them from the archive, as well as a bit about their backstory, and a lovely little giveaway too…

My 10 Best Investment Pieces

1. Black Underwear

Ok, let’s start with the basics. I tend to wear black underwear because it’s just so easy to wear, and everything goes with everything else. I tend to wear sets from Organic Basics* and Boody and mix and match depending on what’s closest to reach in my drawer.

2. Black T-shirt

Underwear on, and I’ll usually grab a black t-shirt to throw on top. Again, it’s easy. A lot of what I wear is just easy to wear – especially while writing and working from home. I have a good few t-shirts, with my favourites from Boyish Jeans* and Everlane (although I no longer shop there), as well as a few I’ve thrifted over time.

3. Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere sounds so fancy, and often it’s touted as one of the best investment pieces you can acquire, but honestly I just prefer the material because it’s so soft and warm! I have years-old cashmere jumpers from Everlane (again, I no longer support Everlane) and Nadaam that I tend to layer and wear over and over so they don’t need washing very often. When I do wash them, I’ll do it by hand and I’ll dry them flat, to ensure they retain their shape. Though it’s worth noting that not all knitwear is ethical!

4. Blue Washed Jeans

Next, I’ll scramble into jeans more often than not. I just love jeans – again, I think it’s because they’re warm and so easy to jump into. My most worn pair has to be my straight legged jeans by Boyish Jeans*, kindly gifted by Twiin last year. They fit like a dream! (Although I’m not a total lunatic – if I’m having a day of work, I’ll switch up into leggings or sweatpants instead!)

5. Gold Hoop Earrings

Now onto jewellery. My most worn earrings have to be my Little Chubbies Hoops from Monarc Jewellery. I fell in love with these when visiting the Sustainable Department Store pop-up in 2019, and my mum gave them to me for Christmas. Across last year, more often than not my ears had them in! I actually wore them so much that my sister got the same set this Christmas (although this time I gifted them!)

Psst… want your very own pair of Little Chubbies? I’m giving away a pair of Monarc Jewellery’s sell-out earrings over on my Instagram

6. Black Chelsea Boots

And let’s not forget shoes. I tend to only really reach for two pairs of footwear, and if it’s a shoe kind of day, it’ll be my Chelsea Boots from Wills Vegan Shoes. These were gifted to me back in 2018 and I’ve been wearing them ever since, even getting the heels redone because I wore them down! They’re so nondescript that they go with everything, which is great.

7. White Sneakers

…And if it’s not a shoes kind of day, it’s a sneakers kind of day. My trusty pair of vegan leather Veja* low-tops are the ones I most reach for. The French brand made a limited run of sneakers made with cornstarch back in 2019, but sadly was unable to make them at scale. I’m desperately holding onto these beaten up sneakers even now, as I just refuse to buy first-hand leather anything. Serious investment pieces for sure!

8. Vintage Wool Coat

When it comes to sustainable outerwear, I have a few favourite coats, but my vintage wool coat is definitely my most worn. It’s super warm, super easy to wear with the waist belt, and was a steal at just £20 on eBay! I’ve since had it altered to bring up the hemline a little (I’m a shorty) and I’ll be taking it back for a few minor repairs after lockdown. It’s definitely worth the additional costs of repairing though – it’s meant I feel much more comfortable wearing it, and will continue to do so for years to come.

9. Black Wool Scarf

To go with my wool coat, I have a wool scarf! My boyfriend gave this black Johnstons of Elgin scarf to me a few years ago, and it sees daily use even now. It’s soft, warm, and versatile. Plus it’s so well made, it doesn’t malt or fluff!

10. Black Mini Bag

Finally, onto bags – my favourite mini bag, at that. Before getting my second-hand A.P.C. Demi-Lune Bag, I spent a good number of years coveting it. So it’s no surprise that as soon as I finally added one into my wardrobe, I’ve basically never taken it off! Whether I’m popping to the shops, or going on a night out with my friends, it’s the bag I’ll reach for. And in my opinion, a mini bag is a minimalist’s must-have: it’s big enough for everything I need, without being bulky. Plus it looks good slung across my coats, or with any of the above!

A Note On Curating Your Wardrobe & Investment Pieces…

It’s taken me six years to curate this wardrobe, and I think it’s worth noting that over those years, my style has evolved and changed. And, it continues to do so. But it all really started by curating my style – really thinking about it.

The book, The Curated Closet*, helped me with this a lot. It’s a brilliant read if you’re looking to suss out your style and get to the point where you’re satisfied with your day-to-day clothes.

I’m still a bit of sceptic when it comes to capsule wardrobes, wardrobe challenges, and anything like that, simply because they try to fit all of us into one mould. Instead, I’ve gone down the path of identifying styles, shapes, and colours that I truly love and wear over and over.

Either way, I don’t expect you to go out and fork out for everything on this list – instead, I’m hoping it inspires you to look at your wardrobe and discover what you wear the most too! What fits just perfect for you. What you feel great in, every time you wear them.

“Investment pieces” doesn’t have to equate to making a big investment, either. It’s about the pieces that are really worth buying, because they’ll be worn a lot. And while I do love good quality items, I tend to buy them second-hand.

So, I hope this guide helps you with that, and that you can enjoy your wardrobe more across this year and into the future too!

Disclaimer: This post features affiliate links (denoted '*') and gifted items (denoted 'gifted')


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