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I’m back in workout gear! It’s been a long time since I shared my exercise routine, as well as my favourite ethical activewear. Thanks to Organic Basics, I’m sharing updates on both today!

This year has seen more at-home workouts than any other, but it’s definitely enabled me to get into a better, healthier routine with both my fitness and food. While I’ve been a fan of yoga for years, I’ve now transitioned into regular runs and weighted workouts, and it feels good to do both decked out in high-performance, high-style, sustainable activewear.

My Favourite Workouts

I really like to give myself a few options when working out. Often it’s because I work out at different times of day – sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening – and I have different energy levels throughout the week too.

If I’m feeling high-energy, and the weather’s right, I’ll go for a run. I recently discovered a sports app that provides guided runs, recorded by a really positive coach. The guide makes it so much easier for me to pace myself on longer runs, and even try interval running. This coaching, and my usual running playlist, make for much better, fun runs!

And for when I’m feeling a little less active (or it’s pouring with rain), I’ll go for an at-home workout. My favourite workout has to be a weighted routine that’s designed to support running muscles, which includes:

  • Plank (45-60 seconds)
  • 12 x Russian twists
  • 10 x Push-ups
  • 12 x Scorpions
  • 12 x Supermans
  • 20 x Squats to Overhead Press
  • 12 x Overhead Forward Lunge
  • 12 x Alternating Row

This circuit is loosely based on this routine on Runner’s World, and I’ve adapted it to include a few additional exercise favourites! Doing this four or five times over has me sweating, and I’ll feel stronger for it afterwards too.

My Organic Basics Activewear Favourites

To support my varied exercise routines, I love wearing my Silvertech Active gym-wear from Organic Basics. In my collection, I have a matching black sports bra and leggings. These are both perfect for mat routines, and running too (I usually wear a t-shirt or jacket on top).

I also love my Silvertech Active Tennis Socks, which I’ll wear when I’m running, but also when I’m not! They look so cute when I’m wearing my sneakers, and they keep my feet comfy too.

The reason why I went for Organic Basics’ Silvertech activewear is simple: it’s designed to keep me fresh. Put simply, I like getting a sweat on, but I hate smelling of sweat! The SilverTech Active collection features approved active odour control, using a recycled silver salt treatment.

It’s also up to the same ethical standards as the rest of Organic Basics’ range. Each piece is made in Portugal from recycled nylon developed from post-industrial waste fibre, yarn from spinning factories, and waste from weaving mills. Alongside the obvious circular benefits, Organic Basics’ recycled nylon also takes 80% less water to make and creates 90% fewer CO2 emissions compared to virgin nylon.

In total, the fibre breakdown is 93% recycled nylon, and 7% elastane, for that necessary stretch.

Get 10% Off With Code: BESMAOBX

If you’re looking to update your activewear with Organic Basics, get 10% off with the code: BESMAOBX

I recommend measuring yourself up before purchasing any new clothes, including activewear. Ensuring a great fit means you’ll wear everything a lot more! For example, here I’m wearing M/L bra, and S/M leggings, which fit close to my body but give enough stretch for my workouts to keep me comfortable throughout.

Finally – this discount applies to all products on their site – I love their underwear too – and can only be used once per customer. There’s no minimum purchase required, and the code works worldwide, with free shipping available (depending on purchase amount).

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Organic Basics and contains affiliate links. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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