Is GAP a Fast Fashion Brand?

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Yes, GAP is a fast fashion brand.

It is the flagship brand of GAP Inc., which includes the brands Athleta, Baby GAP, Banana Republic, Hill City, Intermix, Janie & Jack, Old Navy, and Yeezy GAP. (If you wish to stop supporting fast fashion, unfortunately you’ll have to give up these brands too!)

The brand was founded by husband and wife duo, Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher (worth over $5 billion collectively), and sells high street fashion across its worldwide network of stores, as well as its international websites.

As a group, GAP Inc. brings in over $16 billion in revenue per year. However, it has only made a small investment into sustainability, focusing on eco-friendly materials for its credentials (but not much in the way of supply chain, reduced energy usage, recyclable packaging, etc.)

GAP has faced labour controversies since the 1990s, including:

  • Using sweatshops in Saipan, who were overworked, experiencing unsafe working conditions, and women were subjected to forced abortion. The business settled this case in a class action lawsuit alongside other accused brands in 2003.
  • In 2006, GAP was found to be sourcing from a Jordanian factory that committed child and adult labour abuses. The business ceased its relationship with this factory in 2018 – 12 years later.
  • In 2007, BBC reported on GAP using child labour in Indian factories.
  • In 2020, GAP stopped paying garment factories due to covid-19 and is yet to rectify this.

Personally, I wouldn’t go near this brand unless I was shopping second-hand.

Transparency Rating: 50/100
Sustainability Rating: 3/5

This snippet is part of a larger guide to UK fast fashion brands, which goes into more detail about the issues with fast fashion, why it will never be sustainable, and how to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Data for this review is taken from the brand’s website, corporate website, and Wikipedia. The Transparency Rating is from Fashion Transparency Index 2020. The Sustainability Rating is from Good On You.


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