Is Femme Luxe a Fast Fashion Brand?

Screenshot of Femme Luxe website

Yes, Femme Luxe is a fast fashion brand.

Femme Luxe (also known as Femme Luxe Finery) is a Manchester-based fast fashion brand founded by businessman Mehdi Pishbin. On their site, they sell hundreds of styles of clothing, principally: dresses, tops, jeans, and shoes.

The business is worth around £600,000, according to Companies House.

On Femme Luxe’s website, there is no mention of their supply chain, who makes their clothes, or their impact on the environment. This lack of transparency indicates that Femme Luxe is a fast fashion brand, and they do not care about people or planet.

Despite being a smaller fast fashion business, they get a special mention in my guide to fast fashion because of they send me weekly spam emails inviting me to select multiple garments for free, in exchange for Instagram posts. Nah, I’m good hun.

This snippet is part of a larger guide to UK fast fashion brands, which goes into more detail about the issues with fast fashion, why it will never be sustainable, and how to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Data for this review is taken from the brand’s website, corporate website, and Companies House.


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