Is Femme Luxe a Fast Fashion Brand?

Screenshot of Femme Luxe website

Yes, Femme Luxe is a fast fashion brand.

Femme Luxe (previously known as Femme Luxe Finery, and now owned by Finejax Ltd.) is a Manchester-based fast fashion brand founded by businessman Mehdi Pishbin. The business was previously worth around £600,000, according to their records on Companies House, but is now hidden from view after a recent change in business. On their site, they sell hundreds of styles of clothing, principally womenswear across huge ranges of dresses, tops, jeans, and shoes.

Femme Luxe is a fast fashion brand due to the speed it produces its clothes, the huge scale of clothing styles that it offers, and the sheer number of clothes that it sells.

Fashion Revolution Transparency Rating: N/A
Good On You Sustainability Rating: N/A
Remake Fashion Accountability Report Rating: N/A

Additional Reasons Why Femme Luxe Is A Fast Fashion Brand

  • When reviewing the Femme Luxe site in April 2023, I found 4148 styles of dress, 4048 styles of top, and 869 styles of loungewear. These huge product ranges demonstrate their fast fashion business model and focus to profit from the overproduction of clothes.
  • I also found clothes being sold on Femme Luxe for as little as £1.99 It is not possible to make clothing for this price without some form of exploitation of people and planet – at the very least, it’s made at a quality so low it will not last.
  • On Femme Luxe’s website, there is no mention of their supply chain, who makes their clothes, or their impact on the environment. This lack of transparency indicates that Femme Luxe is a fast fashion brand, and they do not care about people or planet.
  • Despite being a smaller fast fashion business, they get a special mention in my guide to fast fashion because of they send me weekly spam emails inviting me to select multiple garments for free, in exchange for Instagram posts. Nah, I’m good hun.

Sustainable Alternatives To Femme Luxe

If you’re looking to stop shopping at Femme Luxe, I recommend checking out Reliked*, an influencer-led second-hand shopping site, as well as my entire guide to second-hand fashion.

You could also check out my guide to 150+ sustainable fashion brands and check out the budget brands, or slow down and buy less, buy better.

This post is part of a larger guide to UK fast fashion brands, which goes into more detail about the issues with fast fashion, why it will never be sustainable, and how to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Data for this review is taken from the brand’s website, corporate website, Wikipedia, and sites linked throughout. All information is assumed correct at date of publication. Last updated: April 2023.

Disclaimer: This post includes an affiliate link (denoted '*')


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