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Do you think you would read more magazines if they were available on your phone? I can firmly say that this has been the case for me, after recently discovering Readly, an app that hosts thousands of magazines all in one place!

Since starting my one month free trial, I’ve already read through four magazines, and have 10+ more publications on my reading list. And the best thing about it? I’ve been able to keep up to date with advances in sustainable fashion and lifestyle in pieces written by my favourite journalists, while also supporting their work.

Here are my top picks when looking through Readly’s magazine library, and a few extra tips to get you started…

My Love Affair with Magazines

I’ve always loved flipping through magazines. As a teenager, I would spend all my pocket money on them and spend my free time pouring over the glossy pages, writing in to the ‘Readers’ Comments’ pages, and scrapbooking all the looks I would wear one day.

(Shoutout to Cosmo Girl, the since folded magazine who featured me in their Readers pages and sent me loads of free makeup as a thank you. I can genuinely attribute part of my love for writing to this experience, and hey, a few years on and I’m writing for a living!)

Nowadays, I’ll only rarely treat myself to a magazine, and in lockdown, that was near impossible. Well, I thought it was impossible, until I found Readly, the app that streams thousands of magazines straight to your phone or tablet!

Now that I have access to pretty much every magazine imaginable, I’ve been able to read and favourite:

  • Be Kind
  • Cosmopolitan
  • ELLE
  • ELLE Decoration
  • Grazia
  • GQ
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Positive.News
  • Pyschologies
  • Stylist
  • The Big Issue
  • Time Magazine
  • Time Out
  • The Times Literary Supplement
  • Vogue

Oh and I’ve also had the occasional flick through BBC Good Food’s recipe books, and newspapers such as The Evening Standard, which is great as I haven’t been travelling around London and can no longer pick them up.

(Want to check to see what other titles are available? Use Readly’s handy search tool!)

Readly: Unlimited Magazine Reading On Up To 5 Devices

The Readly app provides unlimited reading, meaning you can read as many publications as you’d like each month, and also go through each publication’s archives!

I love this feature – it meant I could go back and read Vogue’s interview with Jodie Comer in their April issue, as well as look at ELLE’s Sustainability Edit from September 2018 and reflect on how things have moved on since then.

Plus, you can have up to 5 devices on the same account, so I’ve been able to use the app across all my tech, and also share my subscription with my boyfriend and family (although they have their own profiles so their reading lists don’t mix with mine!)

& It’s Less Than The Cost Of 2 Magazines!

After almost completing my free trial, I can honestly say that I’m hooked! I’ll happily pay the monthly subscription – around the cost of two magazines – as I’ve read far more than I would usually do, and I’ll also be able to download magazines to read later when I can get back to travelling around the city and visiting my family.

On the eco side of things, the app also helps to reduce the demand for paper, ink, plastic wrap, emissions linked to delivering magazines, and as we use renewable energy in our house, the digital footprint is hardly anything!

If you’d like to try Readly, sign up for your first month free, download the app on your favourite devices, and get favouriting the magazines and publications you wish to read! You’ll also get notifications when new issues drop, and can save articles for later, or share them with friends. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Readly UK and uses affiliate links. All views and opinions remain my own.


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