Taking the #earthwise challenge with TOMS | AD

I’m stepping up to a new eco challenge, and in a new pair of earth-friendly shoes courtesy of TOMS!

With the launch of TOMS #earthwise collection – vegan, eco shoes made from recycled materials, plant-dyes, and kinder manufacturing processes – I’m focusing on one way to be kinder to the planet. Will you join me in the challenge?

Taking the #earthwise challenge

You know me, I’m always on the lookout for fashion that prioritises people and planet. But did you know, my whole passion for sustainability started with local food? When I was invited to join in with TOMS challenge, I thought it would be a great opportunity to return to my roots and focus on food again.

So, here’s my #earthwise challenge that I’m setting myself for the next month:

source sustainable groceries for four weeks

This comes at a time when grocery shopping is a big focus for many of us, so finding ways to support sustainable agriculture and my local economy seems quite important to me.

Here’s a few ways I’m going to achieve that challenge:

  • Set up a regular local fruit and veg box delivery
  • Order plant-based milk to my door – thank you M*lkman!
  • Avoid plastic-wrap where possible (boxed pasta is so much better!)
  • Take steps to reduce my food waste at home

Of course, with this challenge I’m going to make sure we still eat well and get enough food, so let’s see what’s possible! I’m going to share regular updates over on my Instagram, so make sure to keep up with me there, and send over any suggestions for ways to be even more sustainable with my food!

TOMS: Kinder to People & Planet

It’s also great to see TOMS lead the charge with this challenge, creating its very own line of earth-friendly shoes. Their new earthwise collection is made up of two styles: plant-dyed canvas, and REPREVE®, a recycled polyester made with recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

On top of that, TOMS continues to work as a responsible employer: they’re a certified B Corp, a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), and they also work with factory partners to ensure they meet their publicly-available Supplier Code of Conduct.

And of course, we all know and love TOMS for its original One-For-One policy. Now, in response to the pandemic, TOMS is giving £1 out of every £3 made to the Global Giving Fund to support essential workers in this health crisis.

Join in with your own #earthwise challenge

Every action makes a difference. That’s why I’m inviting you to join in with the #earthwise challenge! Here’s how you can do just that (and still act responsibly during this pandemic):

  1. Pick a small, habitual activity to improve on
  2. Identify a way to make it more sustainable
  3. Try it out for four weeks and post your journey on IG using the #earthwise hashtag!

Your challenge could be something like making a few plastic-free swaps, switching to an ethical bank account, or trying to style an item of clothing in different ways.

I hope my posts provide some inspiration, whatever you decide. And I’d love to hear how you get on, so please do tag me in any of your posts, and we can help each other out along the way!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by TOMS UK. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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