Hope-Filled Responses to the Pandemic

I think it’s fair to say that the coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives around the world. I can only begin to imagine what it’s like for people who have experienced big changes within their work and lives – personally, our house move has been delayed, the upcoming Haulternative Closet clothes swap was postponed, but things generally continue and I’m so grateful for that.

To keep things upbeat, I wanted to share a few campaigns and actions today that are really giving me hope through all this. Here’s how many wonderful people are responding to the pandemic in a positive, conscientious, and caring way…

P.S. Thank you to Evermore London for gifting me their Flore candle, made using plant-based oils, and 10% going to British Red Cross.

Things to Be Hopeful For…

1. Free Webinars by Fashion Roundtable

Fashion Roundtable is hosting a weekly webinar to discuss everything from impacts of coronavirus in the fashion industry to warehouse workers rights. You can gain access by subscribing to their free newsletter.

2. Optometrists Against Coronavirus

My incredible sister Yasmin and her fellow optometrists have put down their lenses and started working at COVID-19 test centres instead to support healthcare workers and keep fighting the virus. Sending love to them and all the wonderful healthcare workers around the world!

3. Healthy Home & Happy Life Launch

Lilo of Honey & Roots is hosting a “Healthy Home & Happy Life” series, showcasing people in the sustainability space and how they’re getting on at home!

4. Coronavirus Fund for Creatives

Tia of Le Good Society and her friend Lois Winstone have set up a Coronavirus Emergency Fund for Creatives who have lost their job or are experiencing difficulties in this time. You can donate to help, or apply to receive funding!

5. Friday Film Club for Environmentalists

Environmental activist Ella Daish has set up a Friday Film Club for people to join in with over on her Instagram! Make sure to tune in at 8pm BST!

6. Mental Wellbeing Guide for Working From Home

Mental health practitioner Tania Diggory and her team at Calmer have pivoted their business to provide remote training packages and a working from home guide for anyone who would like support during this time.

7. Sustainable Style While Working From Home

Sustainable stylist Emma Slade Edmonson is hosting a “Get Ready For Work With Me” series, focusing on sustainable fashion faces and how they’re dressing while working from home.

8. TOMS x Global Giving Fund

TOMS has announced it will donate one third of its net profits to the Global Giving Fund from April 1st going onwards. They are also supporting The Mix, a free confidential advice service for those feeling low or isolated in this time.

9. My Sustainable Perfume Giveaway

To bring some nature indoors, I’m running a giveaway for a bottle of sustainable Floral Street perfume, in my favourite scent! You can enter here and share a bit about one of your besties in the comments!

10. Petition to Pay Garment Workers

Remake Our World is petitioning big manufacturers to pay their third-party factories and protect the lives of garment workers who are facing unemployment and no pay. Sign the petition here.

11. Some Good News from Jim’s Desk

Actor, director, and Office U.S. star John Krasinski has started a YouTube channel called Some Good News, and is sharing regular broadcasts highlighting good news around the world!

12. Pay-What-You-Can Yoga & Breathwork

Friend and incredible yoga and breathwork instructor Valerie Teh is offering digital classes in return for donations. Sign up to her newsletter or DM her for the links and passwords!

13. Fashion Revolution Week Goes Digital

This is the third year I’ve received an invite to Fashion Revolution’s Question Time, and I’m delighted to see that it’s still going ahead this year – only this time it’s online! Of course, digital access means so many more people can attend as well. You can view it live on their YouTube Channel or go back to watch afterwards. (Plus join in with loads more digital events across Fashion Revolution Week!)

14. #CodesVSCovid

Former uni classmate and friend Miriam Oglesby is hosting virtual hackathons developing solutions for our current situation, both with and without tech! Join in here.

15. Teacher Delivers Packed Lunches to Students

My friend Lauren McCrostie shared the uplifting story of a headteacher delivering packed lunches to students who rely on school meals during the pandemic. So kind and heartwarming!

16. Rixo ‘Stay At Home’ Tee Gives 50% to NHS

Rixo has taken time out to design a ‘Stay At Home’ t-shirt, with 50% of proceeds going to NHS. It’s no surprise that they’re totally sold out already (but you can still join the waitlist)!

17. Take Part in Craftivism Online

There’s nothing better than a stitch-n-bitch, and you can still get in on the action with Izzy and their crafivist sessions online! Just in time for Fashion Revolution Week as well, thanks Izzy!

18. For The Love Of Scrubs

Scottish designers Mirka and Maja Jankowska of Mirka Bridal Courture, alongside Holly Baxter-Weir of Fabric Bazaar and Clare Boyle of The Kind Earth Cro-Op have connected thousands of volunteers, designers, and healthcare workers to provide scrubs and PPE for NHS Scotland. You can join their mission (volunteer your time, donate scrubs/PPE, make scrubs, etc.) at For The Love of Scrubs Scotland. Thank you Ruth MacGilp for sharing this!

19. Free Magazines for Everyone

If you’re looking for more reading material while on lockdown, look no further than these following magazines! They’ve each made their latest digital issue free:

(Also if you do get an issue of Be Kind Magazine, turn to the back page to read my interview with the BK team!)

Know of something to add to the list? Pop me a comment and I’ll add it!


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