A Guide To Sustainable Pyjamas & Nightwear

Would you sleep better knowing your pyjamas were made fairly, and from sustainable materials? Yeah, me too.

Sustainable fashion has become the only type of fashion that I’ll shop, and the same goes for my nightwear collection. It’s taken a good few years for these same values to trickle down through my wardrobe and into my pyjama drawer, and interestingly I think the same is true when you look at ethical fashion brands. So, I thought it about time I created another sustainable shopping guide, this time around sleepwear!

What Are The Best Sustainable Materials For Pyjamas And Sleepwear?

When it comes to garments to sleep in, you really want to look for materials that let your skin breathe. We are, after all, wearing these items for 1/3 of our lives!

When it comes to sustainable materials, the ones I would recommend for nightwear are:

  • Organic cotton (look for closed-loop water systems around cotton too, to reduce the amount of water needed to produce the material)
  • Linen (this will often be blended with cotton to create a lighter fabric)
  • Hemp (go for lightweight hemp-cotton blends for a better sleep)
  • Modal (which is a tree-based fabric, akin to bamboo viscose)
  • Peace silk (silk worms are not killed in the process of producing peace silk, unlike regular silk)
  • Cashmere (if sourced ethically – note this is not a vegan material)

It’s also worth noting that satin is not a material – it’s a type of weave. Many pyjama sets are labelled as ‘satin’ to give an air of luxury, but the material will most likely be polyester, which is a man-made fabric derived from oil. It also emits plastic microfibres when you wear or wash it, which isn’t good for you or for the planet.

My Sustainable Nightwear Collection

When it comes to my own nightwear, I like to have a mix of pieces that are suitable for summer and winter (or can be layered for those awkward in-between temperatures). My favourite pieces to sleep in are:

Dark grey check nightie. This organic cotton nightie* was a beautiful Christmas present from my boyfriend (from Thought Clothing*). It’s a great item for sleeping as I can pair with leggings when it’s particularly cold, or keep without for warmer nights.

Pink bow nightie. This sweet organic cotton nightie with lace trim was kindly gifted by Petrizzi last spring, and I enjoyed wearing it through the warmer months, as well as on holiday in Spain. The fabric is light, soft, and keeps my body cool while sleeping. Did you know, it’s easier to drift off to sleep when your body is cool?

Cream sweatshirt and sweatpants. Despite never leaving the house in slouchy clothes, I have a sweatshirt and pants set from COSSAC that make for perfect Sunday clothes, and often double as pyjamas!

Grey organic cotton sweatshirt. Finally, an oldie but a goodie. I’ve got a big grey sweatshirt from Beaumont Organic*, which must be at least 4 years old now. I sleep in this thing almost constantly throughout the winter months – it’s soft, warm, and so easy to throw over anything!

(I thought it worth adding – I’m also not afraid of wearing the odd t-shirt or sweatshirt to bed! Forget Marie Kondo’s advice – if you can repurpose something as sleepwear, more power to you! I tend to layer up with old t-shirts and leggings, as well as draping the bed with blankets for when it’s really cold).

18 Of The Best Sustainable Pyjamas & Nightwear Brands in UK

So, onto the best places to shop for sustainable sleepwear! Just like your pillow and mattress, consider how you like to sleep when buying pyjamas – silk ones may look nice, but if you like to be wrapped up warm in bed, you’ll never wear them! Practicality (and reduced consumption) is best.

BAM Clothing*: If you’re looking for super soft, bamboo pyjamas for both men and women, this is the place.

Beaumont Organic*: Organic cotton loungewear perfect for sleeping in, that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Charlotte Dunn Design*: Pyjama sets with the cutest prints, made from organic cotton in the UK.

Good House London: Organic bamboo pyjamas, eye masks, and more, made in the UK.

Kent Woman*: Sumptuous silk sleepwear brand that empowers women in their supply chain (I just wish they’d use peace silk!)

Lavender Hill*: PJs and loungewear in super soft materials, with great ethical and sustainable credentials.

Le Nap: Classic and colourful pyjama sets made from Tencel Lyocell, a natural tree-based fabric.

Leticia Credidio: Incredibly soft, slinky sleepwear made to softly hug the body in unisex styles. The golden winged cacique is my favourite – you can look badass even when sleeping!

Ninety Percent*: Bold sweat shirts and pants made from organic cotton, with 90% of profits shared with charitable organisations. Get 20% off with the code BESMA20

Noctu: Slouchy organic cotton sleepwear and nighties for men and women, with super cute accessories (their hot water bottle is on my wishlist!)

Organic Basics*: Danish underwear brand that makes basic t-shirts, camisoles and leggings from organic cotton and tencel suitable for men and women.

People Tree*: Adorable printed pyjamas and loungewear from the mothership of sustainable fashion.

Reliked*: Shop affordable pre-loved and new pyjama sets as seen on influencers, with a charitable donation made for each item purchased. Get 10% off with code: CURIOUSLY

Sleeper on By Rotation: If you’re looking for luxury pyjamas to wear out, why not rent a Sleeper set!

Thought*: Responsibly sourced organic cotton and bamboo pyjamas in a range of classic prints and neutral colours for women and men.

The White Briefs*: Simple singlets and fine rib tops made with GOTS certified organic cotton, perfect for sleeping in.

Woron*: Sustainable lingerie brand that now makes pyjama sets in misty lilacs and deep reds.

40 Winks*: Pretty patterned handmade eye masks and sleep accessories made in the UK.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links (denoted '*')


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