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Besma uses iZettle Ocean Reader at CPRESS
iZettle Ocean Reader

Have you spotted iZettle’s Ocean Readers yet? These shiny, green devices are popping up in stores across the country right now! I got to try one out a few days ago at CPRESS, an organic juice bar chain in London, who are doing their best to be more sustainable – and that includes their card readers.

Made from 75% recycled ocean plastic, the new green iZettle Ocean Reader is getting all shoppers thinking about making more sustainable purchases, and for every one sold, 20% goes to organisations committed to removing plastic from the oceans. Here’s how this new innovation is supporting green business all over the country…

The UK’s First Sustainable Card Reader

The iZettle Ocean Reader is a new card reader and stand, developed by one of the leading card reader manufacturers in the world. Made from 75% recycled ocean plastic, their readers reduce the demand for new plastic, as well as helping to clean up old fishing nets from the North and Baltic seas. Despite this being a limited edition product, the initiative, created in collaboration with Oceanworks, has already removed over one tonne of plastic from the waters. 

Plastic waste has become a global crisis, and as I’ve seen first hand, when plastic gets into waterways it’s difficult to get out. When paddle-boarding in London’s Paddington Basin with Plastic Patrol last year, I found crisp packets that were over 20 years old! I can’t even imagine what the ocean’s plastic patch is made up of – all we know is that there’s over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans right now, and this will grow to outnumber fish by 2050. We need initiatives like these are helping to clean it up, and I hope to see more tech using recycled plastic soon.

Plus, as well as using ocean plastic in each reader and dock, 20% of the sale price of iZettle’s Ocean Readers will be donated to organisations committed to removing plastic from the oceans!

Green Juice in Green Bottles – from a Green Bar using Green Readers!

While iZettle’s Ocean Reader is available to all businesses, I can imagine it really appeals to the more sustainable ones out there. It’s only fitting then that I found this one at CPRESS, a chain of organic juice bars based in London that are innovating more sustainable ways to enjoy their fresh juices, salads, coffees, and more.

Right now, CPRESS is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics in their stores. Unlike bottled water, bottled juices are harder to package. They need to be pressurised in order to keep them fresh, and maintain nutrients (and all that plastic is what led me to create my own DIY juice cleanse way back when!)

Fortunately, the people behind CPRESS have developed a revolutionary new way to bottle their juices in glass bottles with metal caps. These keep just as well, and for just as long, as their plastic alternatives.

They are slowly changing their entire range over to these glass bottles, and have also implemented similar sustainable steps across their bars: they use two types of ethically-sourced coffee, use 100% organic produce, and even have straws made from pasta!

It makes complete sense that their card readers are the iZettle Ocean Readers – and I would love to see these green devices become a symbol of more sustainable independent stores across the UK.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by iZettle. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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