My 2020 Intentions: More Travel, Less Flights

Flower market in Stockholm, Sweden

Happy 2020! A new decade is here, and with it comes the chance to redefine our approach to the planet and its people. I love the start of a new year; it’s like starting a new notepad. The pages are perfectly plump, with no smudges, no scribbles. There’s something so good about writing those first lines, carefully putting thoughts down onto paper (especially as my left-handedness means I smudge a lot…)

This year, I feel like there’s this undeniable sense of positivity waiting to burst through. I have hope, real hope, that we are beginning to convert of a more sustainable way of life. Sure, individual changes is one thing, and I still think eco perfectionism isn’t possible, but there seems to be a lot more happening in the way of innovation now…

Either way, this year’s intentions (my preferred phrase for resolution; forget resolving past problems, instead make new tracks!) are going to be another set of sustainable challenges.

Last Year’s Intentions

Sometimes it’s good to look back before looking forwards. Last year’s intentions were:

  1. Travel around the UK and Europe
  2. Read one book every month
  3. Embellish my ethical style
  4. Rest

I’m going to say I achieved 3 out of these 4 intentions in 2019. In the year, I travelled to Lanzarote, Spain, and Sweden, and I also explored a few places in the UK too.

My second intention was where I didn’t quite manage it – I read 7 books out of 12, and it’s an intention I’m taking through to 2020 with me.

When it comes to my style, I feel like I’ve finally found myself. My fashion posts are a lot more cohesive, and I feel like I know what works for my body (basically anything with a cinched waist!) and how to thrift most of my wardrobe. I even held a public clothes swap with my friends!

And rest, I did. Sometimes not enough, sometimes too much, but I sure feel excited about this year.

Sustainable Intentions for 2020

This year, I’ve decided to settle on three intentions:

  1. Travel more, fly less
  2. Read one book per month
  3. Enjoy yourself.

Over the past six months, I’ve been banging on about 2020 being my no-fly year. And, it most likely will be. There’s two caveats to that:

  • If I get the chance to see my family on the other side of the world, I will fly
  • If I’m required to fly for work, I will do so if no other means of transportation is possible, and there’s no way to do the work from home

I think this is a reasonable approach, and it’s why I haven’t come out with a big banner screaming ‘no flights for anyone’. Equally, I am not promoting flying. I’ve previously turned down big campaigns because I didn’t think flying was necessary, too.

4 Sustainable Resolutions We Can All Try

Last week I was reading about the low carbon diet, and how we would live in a much more sustainable world if we all followed these four steps:

  1. Eat plant-based meals
  2. Avoid air travel
  3. Don’t own a car
  4. Have fewer children

Personally, I already do most of that. I avoid meat and dairy, I don’t have a car, I don’t have children, but I do fly. Last year I flew six times, and while I carbon offset these, I know it’s not enough.

So, I’m hoping to set out on a bit of an adventure. To travel more, holiday a lot, work from wherever, but avoid flying. I want to show that it’s possible to have a good time while avoiding dingy, anxiety-inducing airports, and the huge carbon emissions flights entail.

I’ll be writing about this more soon, but those are my sustainable intentions for this year. How about you? What are your intentions for the year?


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