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My Year in Outfits | Curiously Conscious

Bye bye 2019 – and hello, the start of a new decade! I always feel a cocktail of emotions in the awkward period between Christmas, New Year, and returning to work. There’s happiness, nostalgia, shock at how fast time is moving, and of course a general lethargic state because all I seem to do is eat and sleep!

Well, I thought I’d be a little more productive this year, and take some time to review my year in outfits! Sustainable fashion isn’t just about buying less and buying from better places, it’s also about wearing the hell out of your clothes, and taking care of them like the good friends they are.

So, the nerdy mathematician in me has crept out to analyse every single #OOTD I posted on my IG Stories this year – and highlight my most loved pieces (as well as a few fashion faux pas!)


First, I’d like to make a quick note of one of my favourite hashtags on IG – #OOOTD, a.k.a. Old Outfit Of The Day! This has been my go-to hashtag when sharing second-hand and well-loved looks, and I have to say being an ‘outfit repeater‘ really is in vogue. To that girl who gave Lizzie McGuire hell for this – it’s your turn to blush!

My Favourite Looks of 2019

I wanted to kick off this year-long lookbook with a nod to my favourite outfits, and some of my favourite moments when I wore them!

My Most Worn Outfits of 2019

So, onto the trends. Out of the 117 outfits of the day that I shared, I identified three patterns – in 2019, I practically lived in roll neck jumpers, t-shirts and jeans, and my leopard print skirt! So, here are a few of my favourite looks in these key pieces, as well as why I love them so much, and the ethical places I found each item…

1. Roll Neck Jumpers

Of the 117 outfits I shared, 40+ were outfits built around a roll neck jumper! Yes, I basically live in these – they’re perfect for my inverted triangle body shape, slimming down my shoulders and balancing me out with my hips. What do you think of the look?

2. T-Shirts & Jeans

Now onto a classic – the reliable t-shirt and jeans outfit. I have a selection of great sustainable t-shirts, and I even shared how I like to style t-shirts five different ways earlier in the year. Here’s an update, taken from Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter 2019:

3. Leopard Print Skirt & Black Top

And finally: my trusty leopard print skirt. If I recall correctly, this skirt even became a fashion meme, but that wasn’t going to deter me from wearing it! I got mine from ebloggers*, one of my favourite second-hand shopping sites, and I’ll be wearing it right into 2020 too…

After looking through all my #OOTD posts, I have to say I feel pleased to have worn so many items over and over, and also to know my style a little bit better too! It reminds me of the time I kept a style diary, and I truly think after 12 months, I really do know what I like (and what suits me) more than I have done before. Have you tried keeping a style diary?

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted products (denoted 'gifted') and affiliate links (denoted '*')


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