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It’s almost Christmas! Have you got your presents sorted yet? This year I’ve been super organised, sourcing all of my presents ahead of time so I can bring you this sustainably-minded gift guide!

The run up to Christmas often has me reminiscing over the year gone by, and I have to say 2019 has been such a positive one when it comes to looking after the planet, with a growing awareness of a need to reduce our collective impact, and shop more sustainably. It’s why I’m delighted to be working with Gumtree on this year’s gift guide, to show you how you can shop better and buy second-hand Christmas gifts for your friends and family! In fact, over quarter of Brits are planning to give second-hand presents this year too, showing just how much change is afoot!

Gumtree is one of my favourite places to shop second-hand – it means I can shop locally, extend the lifecycle of unwanted items, reduce what’s going to landfill, and find some unique items too! One top of that, the beauty of shopping second-hand is that it is also far cheaper, meaning I’ve been able to source some truly delightful gifts for my friends and family without breaking the bank! 

By teaming up with Gumtree on this gift guide I hope to inspire others to be more thoughtful in their purchasing choices when it comes to the festive season.

Top Tips for Sourcing Second-Hand Gifts

As I’ve mentioned, I love buying second-hand. I get to save money on items that would cost more new, can buy labels or brands that may sometimes be out of my price range, and I can also extend the lifecycle of items that need a new home!

When it comes to buying gifts second-hand, here are my top tips to ensure you get the best items in the best condition and at the best prices:

Go for gifts that match personal interests. Hands up, who’s bought someone perfume or a skincare set for Christmas? (Yeah, I’ve done just that in the past too…) Instead of another clichéd present, why not consider a gift that your friend or family member would truly love? Think about their personal interests: are they a gamer, a budding chef, or perhaps a hiker on the weekends? With Gumtree, you can find perfect items to complement their hobbies, often at a much better price than you would first-hand, and without creating a negative environmental impact.

Search for items using the ‘nearest first’ tool. One of the best features on Gumtree is the ability to sort items by the distance from your home – not only can you discover all of the great items within your neighbourhood but it also makes collections so much easier. And the more local the item is, the lower your carbon footprint!

Research each item before making an offer. If you spot something that may work well as a gift, do a little research before sending the seller a message. I like to know the RRP, as well as the age of the item, and if there’s any extras that should come with it. You can then check for these with the seller ahead of time, and ask them any questions you may have before making an offer and agreeing a collection. A little friendly communication can ensure you get a fully-functional, perfect present. Sometimes they may even throw in added extras too!

Set yourself a budget – and send offers for items out of your price-range. Just like shopping for second-hand fashion, having a budget is key to getting items that you like at a good price, and going home with a smile! However, don’t rule out sending a polite offer to sellers who have items you’d like to purchase that are just outside of your price range! Across this gift guide, I managed to save over £120 by asking for small reductions here and there.

Consider upcycling to personalise gifts. If you’re crafty or just fancy making a gift super personalised, buying an item specifically to upcycle it can result in a thoughtful gift. For example, you could buy a garden lover a wooden bench, sand and varnish it to spruce it up, and engrave it with their initials to make a bespoke present they are unlikely to get elsewhere. Gumtree’s freebies section is a good place to look for pre-owned items that can be given a new lease of life by upcycling.

When you go to collect your item, take a bag with you. Whenever I buy items from Gumtree, I’ll go prepared with a sturdy bag or two, to make sure I can safely carry it home. It’s also a great way to reduce the need for unnecessary shipping and packaging!

My Second-Hand Christmas Gift Guide

So, onto my gift guide! Here are the wonderful gifts I sourced for my friends and family on Gumtree. All of these took just seven days to find and collect – meaning you can get your Christmas shopping sorted really quickly too!

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine

Nespresso Coffee Machine | £50

My mum loves a good cup of coffee, and every time I visit her I like to take her out to a café for a nice coffee and catch-up! I thought this Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine would be a lovely reminder of our times together, and she can now make fancy coffees at home too!

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REISS Bucket Bag

REISS Bucket Bag | £150

When it comes to getting presents for my fashion-forward sister, I tend to go for high-end labels and beautiful pieces. This REISS Bucket Bag was the perfect find for her, brand new with the labels, and was selling at less than half of the original price. Using Gumtree’s messaging system, I discovered the seller had been given it as a gift from her husband, but didn’t like the style, meaning I made a massive saving on a practically brand-new, unused bag. I’m glad it’ll be re-homed with my sister, who’s sure to use it on a daily basis!

Search Women’s Bags & Handbags →

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch | £200

Buying presents for my younger brother is always a bit tricky, as he likes to game but is also quite specific over what he likes to play. He started university in the autumn, so instead of wondering which games to get, I decided a handheld Nintendo Switch would be the perfect option! Now he has something to enjoy on the journey when he takes the train to see me or the rest of our family.

Search Video Games & Consoles →

Brio Wooden Train Track with Trains

Classic Brio Train Set | £50

For my best friend’s little boy, I decided to source an original Brio train set, with the boxes and all! Wooden toys are definitely more popular these days, so I spent some time researching the best brands before choosing Brio. I know she will appreciate this gift almost as much as he will!

Search Baby & Kid’s Stuff →

Crosley Record Player

Crosley Record Player | £40

A close friend of mine is big into music, and the last time we met for lunch she mentioned she was contemplating getting a vinyl record player. The idea of sitting back and purposefully just listening to music was something I loved the sound of, so off I went to find her a record player! This Crosley player has a vintage look, but is a modern build, meaning it works without a hitch, and the sound quality is brilliant.

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Viewsonic M1P Portable Projector

Portable Projector | £125

My boyfriend loves watching classic films, but always complains our TV isn’t quite big enough… So now, when he’s not at the cinema, he can watch films wall-to-wall at home with this portable projector! I’m excited to source this for him, along with a subscription to stream art house films.

Search TV, DVD, Blu-Rays & Videos →

Nokia Steel HR Smart Watch

Nokia Smart Watch | £60

My flatmate is really into running, swimming, and pilates, so what better gift to get her than a smart watch? This Nokia Smart Watch pairs with both Apple and Android phones, and the seller even confirmed it was brand new in the box, as he’d accidentally bought the wrong size. I know she’ll be so pleased with this gift!

Search Sports, Leisure & Hobbies →

Imperia Classic Pasta Machine

Pasta Maker & Accessories | £30

Earlier this year I attended a cooking class along with a good friend, and we all said how fun it would be to make pasta at home every now and again, but the equipment can be quite expensive.

Fortunately, Gumtree has lots of cookware listings, and this pasta maker and accessories set was a steal at only £30! To compliment her gift, I’m going to get some of the ingredients we used in the class too.

Search Cookware →

Sandqvist Backpack

Sandqvist Backpack | £125

Who says you can’t treat yourself at Christmas? I stumbled across this beautiful, brand new Sandqvist Backpack on Gumtree after searching for a bag for my sister, and having been obsessed with their clean lines and sustainable materials for a while now, I knew this would be a lovely little gift for myself. I met the seller on collection, who explained that she’d bought two of the same style in different colours, and had simply missed the return date on the bag. It came with the original packaging and everything!

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John Lewis J1LL Sewing Machine

John Lewis Sewing Machine | £80

Earlier in the year I ran a clothes swap with three friends, and since then we’ve been talking about how we can make the most of our clothes. My friend Rosie mentioned she wanted to start customising her clothes, and I knew exactly the thing to get her for Christmas: a sewing machine! 

The seller of this John Lewis Sewing Machine was so nice, explaining how she’d received the sewing machine as a gift herself, but had never used it. She even threw in two jars with bobbins and thread – the perfect starter kit!

Search Arts & Crafts →

IKEA Wall Mirror

IKEA Wall Mirror | £15

My parents have just redecorated their home, and are going for a more modern look. After spending some time with them sourcing furnishings, they had one item left to get: a mirror. This IKEA mirror popped up while I was searching for home furnishings on Gumtree, and I knew it was perfect! It’s the ideal size for the one blank wall left to decorate, and I’m tempted to paint the frame to fit their colour scheme, for a more personal touch.

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Le Creuset 5-Piece Cast Iron Saucepan Set

Le Creuset Pots & Pans Set | £90

When it comes to the kitchen, I love to cook, and I love to have the best equipment around me too. I wanted to share this love with some friends who have just moved into their own home, and what better way than a complete set of Le Creuset pans!

When I collected these pans, the seller was kind enough to help me carry the pots to the Underground station, as they are mighty heavy! A really pleasant transaction, and I can’t wait to give these pans to my friends when I see them over the Christmas period.

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Vero Moda Scarf

Vero Moda Scarf | £15

This brand new super soft scarf was a perfect find for a present for my grandma, who likes to go for walks around the fields near her home – even in the winter! The scarf will keep her cosy and warm, and go well with her beautiful collection of wool coats too.

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Gumtree isn’t just for Christmas!

I had a lot of fun sourcing these beautiful items for my friends and family’s Christmas presents, and I can’t wait to gift them on the big day. At the same time, it’s worth remembering that shopping with Gumtree isn’t just for Christmas!

By shopping second-hand, you’re helping to create a more circular economy, reducing demand for new items, and lowering your impact. So whether it’s fashion, homewares, or tech, make sure to check Gumtree to see what’s available local to you, all year round!

For more festive inspiration you can download the full gift guide here.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Gumtree. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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