A Guide to Ethical Homeware & Furniture

An array of ethical homeware: pillow next to bedside table decorated with plant and cork coaster

When it comes to furnishing my home, I’m a little bit picky. I like ethical homeware: items that are made fairly, will last a long time, and also fit with my minimal aesthetic.

Just like my wardrobe, I like to know my furniture and home decor is ethical and sustainable. That means lots of natural materials, second-hand pieces, and of course, plants!

Because of all this, it’s taken me a while to curate what is my home; and although I’m still not “done”, I’m very happy with its look, and the stories each item tells. It’s why I’m finally putting this guide together, to also help you to source the best in ethical homewares and furnishings!

My Favourite Ethical Homewares & Furnishings

When it comes to covering my ethical homeware on the blog, I’ve had the pleasure of working with stores like BuyMeOnce, who only sell products that are built to last, and IKEA’s Live Lagom Project, where I completed a series of challenges to make my home more efficient and sustainable.

Alongside the larger stores, I’ve also enjoyed sourcing little pieces from lots of independent UK brands too. There’s nothing better than adding small decorations that really mean something to you, and will be a happy little reminder each time you glance at them around your space.

Of course, when it comes to making sustainable shopping choices, only buying what you need is best. I like to use Pinterest to build up inspiration for my home first, and then shop the items I truly want (often second-hand too). A few favourites around my house are:

Second-hand desk. My little white desk has featured in so many of my photos, and for good reason: it’s where I tend to work most of the time! It also marks my first step into becoming a business owner, and I’m reminded of this each time I sit at it. I purchased the desk for almost half-price due to a scuff on one corner, and seeing as it’s pushed up against the wall, I never see the scuff!

Organic and fairtrade bed linen from White & Green. One of my latest additions to my home is a beautifully soft organic cotton bedding set gifted by White & Green. Specialists in luxury bed linen, the family-run business strives to work fairly with their cotton farmers, and creates truly luxurious feeling bedding.

All my plants. There’s nothing better than a bit of greenery brought inside, and my plants make for a welcome distraction when I’ve got a little creative block. Just this weekend, I repotted a few (hence the tiny jade plant in the grey pot on my desk!) If you’re looking to brighten up your home, plants are my top recommendation – try an air plant or Chinese money plant to get started. Both are so easy to look after!

32 of The Best Ethical Homeware Brands In The UK

So, onto my favourite ethical homeware and furniture brands. I’ve included quite a mix here, but all with a similar ethos and style. I hope you find the list useful:

&Keep: Plastic-free online store with a whole host of kitchen and homewares.

Arcform*: Luxury lamps, sconces, and lighting all made in the UK.

Black + Blum*: Ergonomic kitchenware and zero waste items designed with style and sustainability in mind.

Boho Homes: Social enterprise creating colourful, ethical homewares.

BuyMeOnce: Online department store curating items with longevity and great design.

Caitlin Evans*: Contemporary textiles with florals and prints that pop, made in the UK.

Coultura: Handmade lanterns, lighting, and sustainable decor supporting global craftmanship.

Denby Pottery*: Handmade ceramics with a strong British heritage, now with a conscious range curated by Tara Button.

Fine Bedding Co.: For recycled and sustainable bedding, check out the Fine Bedding Co.’s SMARTDOWN range.

The Forest & Co.*: Independently sourced, locally made home furnishings and furniture with a vintage feel.

Happy Melody*: Handmade macrame wall hangings, that have been on my wishlist forever!

Jord Home*: Handmade minimalist rugs made with natural fibres from artisans in the Nordics and Atlas Mountains.

Katie Walker Furniture*: Handmade wooden furniture in classic minimal designs, built to last.

Le Creuset*: Long-lasting kitchenware, designed in classic styles as well as modern design takeovers.

Linen & Stripes*: Linen cushions, handmade in Liverpool. I have one of their cushions in my home!

Linen Bee*: Linen tablecloths, cushions, and other soft furnishings made from natural and sustainable materials.

Monique Lucas: Adorable printed oven gloves, aprons, tea towels and more.

Minimum Design*: 3D-printed wooden vases, lamp shades, and planets, which are naturally biodegradable and beautifully minimal.

Muna Home: Woolen rugs, wall hangings, cushion covers and more, made beautifully in Spain. My striped rug is from here!

Natural Isle: Beautiful British made homewares and accessories. Get 15% off with code BESMA15

Qäsa-Qäsa: Ethical homewares and gifts hand-crafted in East Africa, with each item sold empowering artisans.

The Raw Group*: Designer tables, chairs, and shelving made in the UK.

Rise & Fall: Sustainable cotton bed linen sets made without any middlemen.

Riz & Mica*: Handmade reclaimed furniture made in London. Think wooden tables, stools, and other hardy, swoon-worthy pieces.

Rustic Loom: Artisan made printed cushion covers, tea towels, and other home fabrics.

Sussex Wood Furniture*: Reclaimed wood furniture made in the UK.

Tillyanna*: Personalised eco-friendly homewares, including cups, signs, and storage bags.

Warm Grey Company*: Sustainable washable paper bags, perfect for plant pots, food preservation, and storage around the house.

West Elm*: Furniture retailer working on social and sustainable processes to create beautiful furniture and furnishings.

White & Green: Luxury bedding made by a family-run business – my beautiful Oxford bedding set with trim (pictured above) is from here.

Wool Room: Wool pillows and bedding made from British wool – my duvet was kindly gifted from here, and it’s so snug!

Zebra Knits*: Cushions and textiles in cute prints and patterns, made in the UK.

Disclaimer: This post features gifted products (denoted with 'gifted') and affiliate links (denoted with '*')


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