My Spanish Summer Holiday in Pictures

Sea bay overlooked by villas on a mountain
Giant cactus overlooking doorway

A short and sweet post from me today, as I’m just getting back into the work flow again!

I had such a nice time away over the last two weeks on a family holiday to Spain. My parents, siblings and I stayed in a private villa for two weeks on the southern coast of Spain, in Jávea (or Xabia), a small community between Valencia and Alicante.

Our family holidays usually consist of the same formula: a hot destination, a beach, a pool, lots of food, and lots of swimming. And I’m going to be honest – I didn’t do much outside of that!

Being the eldest of my siblings, it was really, really nice to catch up with everyone and hear how they’re getting on in life. By the end of the holiday, we’d fallen back into the groove of living together, and it was a sweet reminder of the pleasant childhood we shared.

I have to thank my parents for bringing me along – it was a welcome break from a stacked workload – and it’s given me a change in perspective on how I’ve been looking after myself. Sure, I won’t be able to swim three hours a day like I did when I was away, but perhaps a little more time for self-care, exercise, and general me-time?

I’d love to hear if you feel the same after your holidays – and whether you’ve been able to sustain the holiday vibe even when you’re back at your desk? For now though, I’m excited to share with you an upcoming outfit post of everything I wore when I was away… and another post with my favourite statement earrings, that barely left my ears the whole trip!

P.S. To stay true to my curiously conscious principles, I paid for carbon offsetting for my flights (and in fact, my entire year’s worth of carbon emissions). Find out how to calculate your own, and offset them, in my guide to carbon emissions.


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