My Summer Wardrobe Staples

Besma stands in a white strappy top and dark green wide-leg trousers, holding a straw hat

Let’s talk summer clothes! I realised that, despite all this hot weather, I’m yet to share what I’ve been wearing recently. I clearly got too side-tracked with the Fixing Fashion fiasco, so this post is here to make up for it!

My approach to dressing for different seasons has changed over the years. Last year, I ditched my summer vs. winter wardrobe strategy. I used to put all my summer clothes in a cloth bag, leave them at the top of my wardrobe, and then pull them out when the sun came back out, and vice versa with my winter clothes.

This basically doubled the size of my wardrobe in a matter of years. I forgot I had strappy tops, and would buy camisoles for winter layering. I forgot I had long scarves, and would buy more when I wanted to accessorise summer outfits. It was kind of wasteful.

Now, I have everything hung up and rolled in my drawers, all year round. Sure, it’s annoying that my winter woollens take up space, but at the same time, if I need to layer up everything is to hand.

That being said, there are a few new additions to this year’s wardrobe, so this post will cover what I’ve bought new, what I’ve been re-wearing, and how I’m styling everything too.

Strappy Top

First up, the strappy top. The white strappy top I’m wearing was a purchase I made in 2014, in a Parisian store of H&M. Yes, after my ethical high street review, I know H&M aren’t the most ethical, but the fact this top has lasted me five years now means it’s a keeper.

I tend to wear this top with a bandeau, or without a bra if it’s really hot and I’m not feeling too self-conscious. It’s strange to think men can wear no top at all, but women should feel self-conscious about a nipple outline, but there you go.

White T-shirt

On a typical summer’s day, you’ll find me in a white t-shirt, paired either with a dress, trousers, jeans, or denim shorts. They’re a wardrobe staple no matter the season, which is why I’ve focused on them a few times already – both on how to style a white t-shirt, and also where to invest in a few good white t-shirts. They’re the ol’ reliable in my wardrobe.

Cotton Dresses

The latest additions to my summer wardrobe have been my cotton dresses. I’ve got two – this sunshine yellow cotton and hemp dress from Kings of Indigo, and a second-hand white cotton dress with brown buttons down the front. I’d been eyeing up similar second-hand Reformation dresses online for a long time, but in the end I went with this yellow beauty that I found in The Mercantile on Brick Lane, and my white one that I picked up at the Salvation Army store next to Regent Street. So far, the yellow dress has been worn to a wedding, and both have had many a white t-shirt tucked under them so I can get away with wearing them in the day. I’m looking forward to also taking them on holiday with me very soon!

Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-leg trousers were something I thought I’d never wear, as I always thought they were wrong for my body shape. I’m quite flat on top and have wide hips/bum, so I thought they would make me look a lot bigger than I am, but I was totally mistaken!

The above pair of deep green trousers came to me during a clothes swap held by Sustainable Stylist Roberta Lee earlier this year. One try and they were mine. They make the best slouchy trousers ever, and in the summer, they’re like wearing a skirt without the need to shave!

Midi Skirt

Other than my wide-leg trousers, my midi skirt has probably seen the most use this summer so far. Before purchasing this second-hand beauty from ebloggers, everywhere I looked I was seeing leopard print midi-skirts. They’re the perfect summer item – pair with sneakers for the day, strappy sandals for the night.


An obvious summer wardrobe item is a swimsuit. I’ve got two: a one-piece, and my black bikini top and bottoms combo. I’ve discovered that black swimming costumes tend to be best, as they don’t get bleached by the sun, sea, or chlorine, and you can mix and match with ease.

If you still haven’t got your swimming items sorted, make sure to check out my guide to eco swimwear and the 36 brands I found doing things right!

Statement Earrings

While statement earrings aren’t a necessity in my wardrobe, this pair of pears have barely left my ears since buying them from Wolf & Moon. I gifted my sister their classy little poppy hoops for her birthday, and couldn’t resist picking myself up a pair at the same time. Handmade in London from recycled plastic with a wooden backing, they’re as eye-catching as they are eco.

Flat Sandals

I’m not the best walker in heels, so flat shoes have been a constant friend to me over the years. Flat sandals are my favourite summer shoes, and I think others have taken note too! My silver vegan leather Matt & Nat sandals were looking a bit tired last year, so my sister kindly gifted me a new pair of cross-strap sandals to replace them with on my birthday. And because they’re a neutral tan colour, they go with pretty much everything!

Straw Accessories

The final staple is my straw hat, and following that, a straw bag. I tried so hard not to jump on the straw bag trend, but this cute addition fell into my wardrobe after spotting it at Rokit. Vintage and bang on trend? I’ll take it!

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  1. July 12, 2019 / 8:09 am

    What a lovely post and great tips. I also love straw accessories . Wishing you a wonderful weekend xxx

    • besma
      July 15, 2019 / 10:08 am

      Thanks Margarida, I hope you had a lovely weekend too! x

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