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Ethical Jewellery Inspired by Nature | Curiously Conscious

When it comes to jewellery, I’ve been a stickler for cooler tones – silver or white gold mainly. But what about the gorgeous, warm tones of yellow gold?

As winter turns to spring, my foray into warmer colours has extended into my jewellery collection. Here comes my first step into the world of yellow gold, and my new favourite place to find it: Little by Little Jewellery.

Good as gold

Growing up, I felt like gold was the only colour of jewellery I could wear. I have mousy brown hair naturally, and with my grey-green eyes, and yellow-toned skin, I felt like I had to stick to just gold.

When I started dying my hair at 18, I went full-circle, going for darker blue-toned dyes and matching them with monochromatic outfits and silver hardware.

And now? I’m finally enjoying both sides. Silver is still my go to – it’s super easy to wear, and to clean – but gold feels extra special.

My new Apple Pip Chain Earrings have really changed up how I accessorise, too. Fitting in nicely with the blues, browns, and creams in my wardrobe, they’ve barely left my ears over the past few weeks. (Did you spy them dangling from my ears in my Fairtrade Fashion post?)

These drop earrings come with the unique feature too: two gold chains, one connecting to the ball stud, the other to the earring back. This creates a delicate, layered, dramatic effect. They’re especially good when I tie my hair up, accentuating my neck and jaw line.

Natural inspiration

The reason why I was particularly drawn to Little by Little is their honest connection to nature. Annabel Cox and Georgina Fuggle are the brand’s co-founders, coming with respective backgrounds in jewellery design and food writing and photography.

Their entire collection draws upon organic shapes taken from food and nature, and recreated in their delicate designs. My earrings come from The Pip Collection, which shows the humble apple pip taking centre stage.

There’s something very fulfilling about appreciating the little everyday designs of our food – and how from one tiny apple pip, a whole tree can grow. The earrings show hope, life, and are a reminder of how important nature truly is.

Recycled gold

Alongside their love for food, design, and jewellery, Little by Little’s collection is made from recycled and sustainable materials.

These gold earrings, for example, are made from recycled gold. In fact, gold is one of the easiest materials to recycle – and around 90% of all gold in circulation today is just that. However, it’s important to choose recycled jewellery exclusively – it avoids adding to the demand for environmental exploration and gold mining, which surprisingly continues to rise to this day.

Little by Little also shows that they’re tapped into a circular approach to fashion by providing repairs for any breakages or damages. In a bid to make their jewellery zero waste, they work closely with a London studio to oversee repairs. It’s this sought of care and thought that makes their collection a pleasure to wear.

P.S. If you’d like to make a purchase from Little by Little Jewellery, use the code BESMA10 to get 10% off.

This post is sponsored by Little by Little Jewellery. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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