Tights That Last: My Love Affair with Swedish Stockings | AD

Tights That Last: My Love Affair with Swedish Stockings | Curiously Conscious

Tights That Last: My Love Affair with Swedish Stockings | Curiously Conscious
Tights That Last: My Love Affair with Swedish Stockings | Curiously Conscious

Tights That Last: My Love Affair with Swedish Stockings | Curiously Conscious

How many pairs of tights have you got through in your lifetime? Despite an on-again-off-again love affair with skirts throughout my life, I’ve probably gone through at least 50 pairs.

Tights were presented to me as something of a throwaway product. In my teens, my mum would take my sister and I to Bodycare, a cheap alternative of Boots that would sell five pairs of tights in a box for £2. It meant that I didn’t get upset when I tore my tights, and I was quite happy for them to be itchy, uncomfortable, and regularly falling down my legs.

Tights have been one of the last products I’ve switched on my quest for ethical fashion, but that’s all changed with my discovery of Swedish Stockings.

A pair of tights you only need to buy once

The difference that a good pair of tights makes is immeasurable. It’s weird how easily we can get used to sub-par standards if we don’t know any better – and for me, it’s clear I’ve been missing out in the hosiery department!

Since wearing these tights, I’ve come to recognise that a good pair of tights should:

  • Stay up all day long
  • Make me feel supported – not uncomfortable
  • Look sheer, shiny, and soft
  • Last a long time

My Svea tights do all of that, and more. Not only are they well-made, they fit well and have reinforced areas to make sure they don’t tear. They are 30 denier, the perfect balance between totally sheer and totally opaque, and they come with a broad, comfortable waistband that keeps them up all day.

Ethical, recycled, and recyclable

These tights first came onto my radar because of the way they’re made – it’s only now that I’ve discovered their high quality too.

The majority of the Swedish Stockings range is made from recycled materials. These tights are 89% recycled elastane, a lightweight yarn that feels no different to a regular pair of tights.

The business also runs a recycling scheme for when you’re done with your pair of tights. In the occasion you do get a hole or tear, you can send them to one of their permanent recycling addresses, or a pop-up recycling spot near you.

Timeless fashion from BuyMeOnce

This post has been put together in collaboration with BuyMeOnce UK, the online boutique that tests all their products for durability and longevity. I’ve enjoyed being an Ambassador of theirs for the last year, covering everything from homeware to Christmas presents, and now fashion.

There’s been so much focus on the production methods and materials when it comes to ethical fashion, but I think BuyMeOnce are promoting another vital part: responsible consumption. They’re highlighting the brands creating good quality products, and the idea that we should only buy what we need – and expect those items to last.

This is true of my tights here, but also their entire range of fashion, homeware, kitchenware, beauty, and electricals.

Make sure to sign their petition to make planned obsolescence illegal too!

This post is sponsored by BuyMeOnce UK.

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