Judging the Clean Beauty Awards

Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious

As a blogger, it’s always an honour to review clean and natural beauty. So, it was an even bigger honour to be a guest judge for The Clean Beauty Awards this year!

I’ve been writing about natural and organic beauty for just under five years now, and it all stems from my early days of researching what beauty ingredients actually do. You can see which I tend to avoid in my harmful beauty ingredients list, and now I like to look a bit deeper still – is the packaging recyclable? How long will these cosmetics last? All these questions popped up during my month of reviews and judging.

About The Clean Beauty Awards

The Clean Beauty Awards is run by CertClean, North America’s leading certification body for safer beauty and personal products. They work on the same principles that I do when it comes to beauty products – certifying those that avoid harmful ingredients such as carcinogens, chemicals that may potentially affect our hormonal system, reproductive system, or neurological system.

Every year, CertClean puts on the Clean Beauty Awards to recognise the crème de la crème of beauty from around the world. Over 300 beauty products are whittled down to a set of shortlists, and each of those products are then sent out to guest judges.

As it’s my first year, I went for my strong suit: facial skincare. I love a good moisturiser, face oil, and exfoliant, and wanted to put my expertise to the test…

Clean Beauty Awards’ Natural Skincare Shortlist

My category had seven products shortlisted, and it was great to see a range of brands, products, and styles. Here’s a quick review of each (without giving away my top picks!)

Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious1. C2 California Clean Ageless Face Oil

While I’m not a massive fan of any beauty product that refers to age, I do like how C2 California Clean’s Ageless Face Oil makes it clear that anyone can use it. The inclusion of plant-based squalane in the formula makes their oil glide across my skin, and the vitamin e is protective against the elements.



Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious2. ISOI 1st Speedy Spot

ISOI’s Speedy Spot cream was a perhaps an unusual choice for natural beauty, but deserves the credit. Many people turn away from harsh creams when they have sore, dry, or troubled skin, and it’s great there’s an option out there to sort out pesky zits. The dropper makes for an easy application too.



Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious3. Organic Island Deep Nourishing Repair Night Crème

Organic Island’s Night Cream is everything you’d expect from a night cream: thick, hydrating, and super absorbent too. I’m a big night cream fan, which makes me extra fussy trying new ones – this one certainly lived up to the test.



Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious4. Plantioxidants Chaga & Ginseng Serum

Plantioxidants is a new brand to me, so it was great to try a few of their range in one go. The chaga mushroom and ginseng serum blends some powerful botanicals to create a sweet-scented serum that felt great on my skin. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that their gorgeous green packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic!



Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious5. Plantioxidants Power Seed Menagerie Oil

Another Plantioxidants product, and another powerful mix of organic ingredients. Starting with a base of jojoba oil, the oil carries pomegranate, broccoli, carrot, tomato, black cumin, blackcurrant, raspberry, flaxseed, plum, mulberry fruit oils and more…



Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious6. Plantioxidants Tea Tincture Toner

The final Plantioxidants product I got to try was their toner, made using a base of ginseng, rosewater, witch hazel, and featuring notes of rooibos, white tea, and oolong. Toners are never a stand out product for me, but this one certainly had great ingredients and a nice, clean, drying effect.



Judging the Clean Beauty Awards | Curiously Conscious7. Soapstones Rosewater Facial Cream

Finally, there was Soapstones’ Rosewater Face Cream. As a light moisturiser, it does well to absorb quickly, with clean notes of rosewater. This was something both my boyfriend and I tried – it’s always great when a product can be unisex!



And the winners are…

All will be revealed on the Clean Beauty Awards site very soon! I can’t wait to see my favourites get their awards, and also discover the best in show for lipstick, hair wash, mascara, and more.

Products were gifted for judging purposes only.


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