Creating a Cosy Home with IKEA | AD

Creating a Cosy Home with IKEA | Curiously Conscious

Creating a Cosy Home with IKEA | Curiously Conscious
Creating a Cosy Home with IKEA | Curiously Conscious

Did you know, a cosy home is also an eco-friendly home? You now have a great excuse to invest in blankets, rugs, throws, pillows – because the more textiles you have to snuggle up in, the less you need to heat your home.

Growing up, I remember my mum telling me to put a cardigan on anytime I would complain about being cold at home. She didn’t know it, but she was saving both energy, money, and the planet – and my cardigans would normally do the trick, too!

So, as my second Live LAGOM lesson with IKEA, I’ve been adding cosy comforts around my London home in order to stay warm, and reduce my energy consumption. Here’s how I got on…


Rugs are where it’s at when it comes to heat insulation. Our house has hardly any carpet, and the wooden floors really do suck away at the heat of each room. It’s why a rug was top of my list when winter-proofing our bedroom; it’s a renter’s version of actual insulation!

If you’re thinking about getting a rug, try a flatwoven rug for durability (you can flip it when you notice signs of wear) or a high pile rug for really comfy feet. I also spotted some new recycled rugs in the IKEA Greenwich store, so keep an eye out for those.


Our landlords had the fine sense to deck our house in IKEA furniture, and the curtains are no exception. We have a combination of heavy, floor-length curtains, and a black-out roller blind, as our bedroom window faces what is probably the brightest street lamp in all of London.

This set up is great not just for the light pollution, but also because it insulates our room. The blind tucks neatly behind the radiator underneath the window, meaning no heat is lost behind the blind or against the cold glass. I doubt this was planned, but it’s a great boost to the warmth of the room!


I love a good cushion (much to the disdain of my boyfriend, who will casually throw them on the floor at bedtime – oh the horror!)

Our room is a very minimal combination of white, black, grey and taupe, so these Svarthö cushion covers were an instant hit on my last trip around the Tottenham store. I’ve currently got one propped behind me on the desk chair, and another on our bed, tying the room together.

Cushions are probably the least effective way of saving heat in your home, but they do make a cosier place to live, and ease out any uncomfy furniture – which is often a problem in rented accommodation!

Blankets & Throws

As you can see from my photos, I also like a good throw or two. Or three. I’ve had my Gurli throws in dark grey and cream for a few years now, and you’ll always find them spread across my furniture. They add a cosy, relaxed feel to the room, and they double as handy blankets to wrap up in when it’s particularly cold.

I also have a wool throw, which will always come out in winter as an extra cover for our bed. We’ve actually found we need to turn the heating down a few degrees before heading to bed, as it’s stifling otherwise!


Right now, we have the simplest IKEA bedding there is – a set of plain white sheets, duvet cover, and pillows. Ever since I moved out of my family home, I’ve slept under an IKEA bedspread, and I’ve always thought their white sheets add a sense of calm and minimalism to the room.

If you’re like me – a bit of a colour-phobe – you could go for our low cost sustainable cotton set, or perhaps upgrade to their 100% linen bedding set. I’ve currently got this on my wishlist, as linen is also naturally biodegradable and one of the most eco-friendly textile materials out there!

This post is sponsored by IKEA UK. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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