Talking Sustainable Periods with Grace & Green | AD

Talking Sustainable Periods with Grace & Green | Curiously Conscious

Talking Sustainable Periods with Grace & Green | Curiously Conscious
Talking Sustainable Periods with Grace & Green | Curiously Conscious

Talking Sustainable Periods with Grace & Green | Curiously Conscious

If you’re looking to live a greener lifestyle, one of the first things you should change is your period products. I’m incredibly passionate about this, as it touches on both our health as women, the outdated taboo of periods, and a way to easily be kinder to the planet.

Why choose sustainable period products?

When I first started writing about living in a more ethical way, I was actually quite conscious of talking about periods. At the same time, I was horrified to find out that the majority of conventional period products are made from plastic.

Yes, plastic.

And not just a small amount either – up to 90% of conventional pads and tampons are plastic.

My horror at this fact won out, and I started writing about how to have greener periods on a frequent basis. Anyone that has her period deserves to know that there are cleaner, better sanitary products out there, and ones that respect the planet once disposed of too.

Four years on, and there is finally a brand that approaches this in a way I love: Grace & Green.

Why choose Grace & Green?

Grace & Green was created to provide premium sustainable period products and support women to care for themselves in a better way. Their minimalist style and real ethics make me feel like they designed their products for modern women; women who care about what they put in their bodies and how their choices impact the environment.

Forget the ‘blue liquid’ and ‘Mother Nature’ ads. This is a period brand that genuinely cares.

Everything has been created mindfully – from their simple, recyclable packaging, to their convenient delivery system, meaning your products will come quarterly or monthly to your door without fuss.

100% certified organic cotton period products

Grace & Green’s range of green period products caters to everyone, too. Their essentials range includes three types of wholly organic cotton tampons, period pads that have 100% certified organic cotton cores (and not just the top cover), and liners too.

Personally, I use a menstrual cup, with liners on my heavier days. On the odd occasion that I can’t use my cup, I’ll use tampons – so it’s nice to have these to hand, and know I’m being as green as possible each month.

I also like to have a few options in my bathroom at all times, for my female friends to use. There’s a few co-working spaces I frequent that do this too, and there’s something so thoughtful about having free-to-use period products in women’s bathrooms. Good period products are essential. They shouldn’t be hidden away up our sleeves or in our handbags.

Good ethics, good impact

Grace & Green spent three years developing their range, and it shows. Their organic cotton uses 71% less water, and 62% less energy than conventional cotton. Their manufacturing process is powered by renewable energy. Everything is cruelty-free. And other than the hygienic plastic covers, their products are wholly biodegradable and compostable.

They’re also working on a reusable range, which I can’t wait for.

Finally, as all good businesses should, Grace & Green gives back by partnering with organisations in developing countries to support women in locations where experiencing periods is much harder than it should be.

How to predict your period

Grace & Green provides an online ordering system that can be for a one-off order, or a subscription tailored to a frequency that works for you. No more mad dashes to the corner shop!

Whatever you choose, I’d recommend using the period tracker app Clue. I’ve waxed lyrical enough times about Clue – it accurately predicts when my periods will be, and allows me to track their duration and flow. It’s free, and can help you plan when you need to stock up (as well as the days you may just want to curl up under a blanket and not see the world…)

I feel really empowered to see period taboo become a thing of the past, and to feature brands genuinely making that positive change happen. Now all we need to do is get #FreePeriods in schools…

Get 60% off

The good people at Grace & Green have provided an exclusive discount code for Curiously Conscious readers too. You can get an incredible 60% off your first subscription order with the code: G&GCC

This post is sponsored by Grace & Green. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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