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Changing My Lightbulbs to LED | Curiously Conscious

Changing My Lightbulbs to LED | Curiously Conscious
Changing My Lightbulbs to LED | Curiously Conscious

Light up my life! That’s what my new LED bulbs are doing right now – they’re the latest green home switch I’ve made since joining IKEA’s Live LAGOM Project. Here’s everything you need to know about making the switch – and why you should move over to LED lighting across your house.

Benefits of LED lighting

LED still seems like a reasonably new type of technology. In the grand scheme of lightbulbs, it definitely is (Edison invented the lightbulb in 1879!) but really, we all should be adopting them A.S.A.P.

LED stands for light emitting diodes, and despite looking identical to traditional halogen bulbs or strip lights, the way they work is very different.

While traditional lights will “burn out”, LED lighting will slowly reduce its brightness over a long period of time. This means LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours – or 11 years in your home!

Replacing halogen bulbs with LED

LED bulbs are incredibly energy efficient – I remember one of my science teachers explaining how halogen bulbs are only 5% efficient, meaning 95% of the energy that flows through them is lost through heat. That’s an awful lot of waste, and it might not be tangible, but you’ll certainly be paying for it on your electricity bill.

LED bulbs reverse that efficiency, making use of 80-90% of the energy as light. That means they use a lot less energy overall – you can save an estimated £15 per bulb!

I was excited to see IKEA’s range of LED light bulbs is really extensive, and they fit almost any fitting and lamp. I love the rustic Tarnaby lamps and their flame-shaped bulbs, and of course my Forsa work lamp and matching bulbs that cast a warm, white glow.

LED bulbs can be recycled

As with all home purchases, it’s important to think about the full lifecycle of the item. Bulbs are one of those items that have a lifespan, so it’s fortunate that LED bulbs can be recycled.

You’ll need to check with your local recycling centre or Council when the time comes, but as they are made of glass and metal (without chemicals such as mercury, which used to be used in lighting), there should be somewhere near to you that takes them.

My favourite LED lights from IKEA

I’m no stranger to the maze that is IKEA, so when I last popped into my store in December I spent four hours winding through the shop! I was especially stuck when it came to lighting, as there’s so many nice lamps to choose from. Taking Scandi interior design inspiration, I went for a classic work lamp, which completes my collection of four light points in my bedroom to make a hygge appropriate atmosphere!  Here are my other picks for lamps that look good, and save energy too…

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