Partying in a Floral Suit

How To Pull Off a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious

How To Pull Off a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious
How To Style a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious

How To Pull Off a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious

How To Pull Off a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious
How To Style a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious

How To Style a Womens Floral Suit | Curiously Conscious

It’s party season! In the run up to the holidays, I was stuck between wanting to look like a shiny Christmas bauble, and sticking to my current approach to fashion – invest in ethical fashion, curate a capsule wardrobe, etc. However, with a little loophole, I found myself in this auspicious floral suit, and I’ve had so much fun wearing it!

What’s the loophole, you ask? Instead of buying this suit, I’ve rented it from Wear The Walk. As my favourite place to rent party pieces, their service came to mind after receiving my first party invitation and hopelessly searching through my wardrobe.

Zoe and the team at Wear The Walk source unique pieces from upcoming fashion designers, providing a monthly subscription service for their rotating wardrobe of wild, ostentatious, and high design pieces.

Wear The Walk’s clothes are definitely are a step-up from my own style, and during my last visit I enjoyed rifling through the rails to find some boundary-pushing outfits. I initially went in looking for a dress but… this HEMYCA suit was the one that made the cut!

How To Style a Floral Suit

As soon as I found this suit, I knew I’d have to research how to accessorise it. I took to Pinterest, looking for similar women’s suits. I found the best items to accessorise a floral suit were:

  • White t-shirts
  • White shirts
  • Black round-neck tops
  • Black camisoles
  • (For the daring, no top at all)
  • Pointed heels
  • Shiny brogues

To make the most of this suit, I decided to dress it two ways – smart casual, and for a night out.

Lacquer Me Up

For my suit, I decided to contrast the soft waves of the suit with high-shine accessories. I wanted it to look sharp rather than gaudy, so a deep red nail polish – Kure Bazaar in Scandal – and shiny black shoes were right on the money.

I’ll be honest, the shoes I paired with this suit are not ethical whatsoever, despite all my efforts to find something suitable. To cut long story short, I sadly ruined my trusty black stilettos earlier in the year, and despite following my guide to ethical shoes, I couldn’t find anything ethical to match this suit.

After three weeks of searching, time ran out and I had to go with a pair of inexpensive high street heels. I don’t particularly want to broadcast where they’re from, being anti-fast-fashion, but let’s just say, they did the job and I’ll wear these until they fall apart (or they hurt my feet so bad that I’ll donate them!)

Geek Chic Earrings

Did you know, my earrings used to be computers? Considering I spend a lot of my day behind a computer, I love the geekiness of them, and of course the fact they promote recycling.

I’ve actually wanted to pair these earrings with an outfit for so long – I received them from Italian brand EsthEthique back in May, and now have a reason to show them off. My Tron Drop Earrings are handmade, made from recycled brass. They catch the light just like a pair of gold earrings would, and sway gently when I turn my head.

Combined with the gold heels on my shoes, they made for a perfect match with my outfit.

Simple White T-Shirt

Of course, we also have to talk about my white t-shirt. In fact, this t-shirt is just as special as the rest of the outfit! I selected this High Scoop White T-Shirt, kindly gifted from Loskey, a Fairtrade and sustainable fashion brand ran by the passionate Lori Cunningham. Her business supports the economic empowerment of women in New Delhi, India, who make her simple, well cut t-shirts.

This tee in particular is made from 100% organic slub cotton. It means the yarn is imperfect, and makes for a unique texture when spun – something I actually really like. It makes for a slightly sturdier t-shirt, that hangs well and feels more premium than your average white tee.

Paired with my suit, it also makes for a comfortable outfit that looks good, and has pockets. Could this be the holy grail of womenswear?

(P.S. Get 15% off all purchases at Loskey with the code BESMA15)

Simple Black Camisole

On my night out, instead of my white t-shirt, I paired the suit with a silky black camisole from my wardrobe. It sat well within the jacket, and tucked into the trousers without bunching or slipping out either. As a simple wardrobe piece, I’d really recommend investing in a nice fitting camisole (and t-shirt!) – you can get them from pretty much any ethical fashion brand, or for fancier ones, try second-hand shopping.

This post contains gifted products and affiliate links.


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