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My Leesa Mattress, 10 Months On | Curiously Conscious

My Leesa Mattress, 10 Months On | Curiously Conscious

It’s time for an update! Can you believe I’ve had this mattress for 10 months, when it looks as good as new? To be honest, I can’t quite believe this year has gone so quickly…

My Leesa mattress has been a great support this year. Having given me a better night’s sleep from the beginning, it’s also endured a house move across London (in a friend’s Land Rover, no less) and has kept it’s perfect form, soft cushioning, and good-sleep-inducing properties.

10 months ago…

When I first received my Leesa mattress, I was quite impressed. Delivered in a slimline box, it was quite easy to unpack and leave to “inflate” over the course of a few hours. And it’s probably good to note, I did it all myself, with my tiny biceps alone…

Over the few days of getting used to my mattress, I’d found I was warmer in bed, and I would wake up feeling well rested. It’s been one of the best furniture upgrades I’ve made in the past few years.

10 months on…

Well, seeing as I’ve moved house from my South West London property to my new North East pad, there’s definitely been a few changes over the last 10 months!

Before our house move, I was a little worried about taking the mattress with us. Having decompressed fully, there was no way to reduce it back to it’s vacuum-packed size. Thankfully, the mattress isn’t too hard to move, and it slotted into our friend’s Land Rover snugly.

Since getting it to our new place, the mattress has slotted in great. It did take a little coaxing from our new landlords (who always provide a mattress, although never the nicest type…), but I just couldn’t part with it.

The combination of our memory foam mattress, black-out blind, and double-glazing has meant we’ve slept like babies ever since our move.

Alongside our mattress, we also indulged in a new Leesa pillow, which comes with a foam core and springy filling. It’s been the cherry on top of our bedtime needs!

See you in 10 years…

If the last 10 months are anything to go by, our mattress is going to follow us for a good few years. In fact, because of their sturdy filling, memory foam mattresses last 10 years on average. That’s four years more than the average six for a regular spring mattress!

It’s worth noting that there are a few things we’re doing to keep our mattress in the best condition possible – and they’re all things you can do too:

  • Use a mattress protector sheet at all times
  • Vacuum the mattress every three months
  • Rotate the mattress every year or so
  • Spot clean any stains on the mattress

Luckily, we’ve not had to deal with rotating or spot cleaning our mattress yet. Plus, as our new place has cats, we should also vacuum a little more frequently to ensure it’s kept clean of allergens and dust mites.

You can find out more about keeping your Leesa mattress clean in their handy guide, as well as more details on the Leesa mattress here.

This post is sponsored by Leesa Sleep UK. I was gifted a Leesa mattress in order to write this review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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