Joining IKEA’s Live LAGOM Project | AD

How To Join IKEA's Live LAGOM Project | Curiously Conscious

How To Join IKEA's Live LAGOM Project | Curiously Conscious
How To Join IKEA's Live LAGOM Project | Curiously Conscious

Do you know how to live with “just enough”? IKEA’s Live LAGOM project was started to promote that exact concept, and I’m so happy to be joining the project this year to do just that as well!

The Live LAGOM project encourages customers and co-workers to live in a more sustainable way – sourcing good products and only adding to their home when it’s truly beneficial.

I really subscribe to this philosophy – having started this blog in a 5m-squared flat in Paris, I was used to having the bare essentials. I’m still a lover of small places, and while our London home is now a lot larger, everything we have in it makes a difference.

What does lagom mean?

Lagom is a simple Swedish philosophy on everyday life. The full phrase is “Lagom är bast” meaning “just the right amount”.

The concept is about living a rewarding but responsible lifestyle, enjoying what you love while not taking more than you need from the planet.

Essentially, it’s about finding just the right amount for you across food, energy, water or waste. There’s no sacrifices – only a new way to think, feel, and live. This change can help us to recognise ways of saving the planet through investing in clever design and reducing our own consumption.

What does the Live LAGOM project involve?

IKEA has been running the Live LAGOM project for three years now, combining an increase in sustainable policies and products with workshops, advice and community events. Their collective efforts are helping members of the project as well as everyday customers to save energy and water, reduce waste and live a healthy lifestyle.

As with everything IKEA does, their aim is to do this all affordably too. As the project enters year four, I’ll be documenting my changes on a small budget using IKEA’s products and advice to bring about a better, more sustainable home.

So far, I’ve been to my local IKEA store for an induction into the programme. I joined a group of Londoners and we shared our stories – from families looking to reduce their food waste, to renters who want to cut down on energy bills. Despite the different situations, we all had a common goal: to reduce our consumption and live with just enough.

How can I get involved?

This project isn’t just for me, nor the invitees of the programme at various IKEA stores around the country. The Live LAGOM project is open to everyone – so make sure you’re a part of it!

Head on over to IKEA’s Live LAGOM page to start learning how you can make changes right now, and plan to improve your home’s sustainability with their nifty tools. Whether you want to save water, eat healthier, or grow your own indoor garden, they’ve got it all.

You can also read the stories of previous LAGOMers, and how they started out with just an idea, and ended with better ways to live at home.

I’m so excited to start documenting my own changes, and the innovative items that help me to get there – keep an eye out for upcoming posts!

This post is sponsored by IKEA UK. All views and opinions expressed remain my own.


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