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I always thought I wasn’t one for gold. Since I started collecting jewellery, I’ve preferred colder, more striking silver tones. Of course, I’d overlooked white gold – until I stumbled across Aurate New York*.

Prior to my new discovery, my ethical jewellery collection was solely made up of silver pieces, with simple, swooping shapes that are easy to wear with any outfit.

However, I did crave something more striking, more modern, and that’s where AUrate comes in.

Fine Jewellery, No Concessions

That’s the Aurate tagline. And they’re right – as a jewellery business, they’ve put themselves in a fine position with their designs, ethics, and prices too.

With pieces ranging from vermeil to full gold, they’ve provided a range that’s contemporary, caters to everyone, and is made by hand too. Their jewellery also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Vermeil pieces such as my gifted circle earrings* are made with 925 silver, and then plated with gold. If we’re getting technical, the definition of vermeil requires at least 10-karat gold to a thickness of 1.5 microns – Aurate’s is 14-karat, and over 2.5 microns thick, for a better quality piece.

All their jewellery is handcrafted in New York City, too, which is quite a rarity. Working with a select team of master jewellers, they work to cast, set and polish every piece with their own hands.

They also give back to the local New York population. For every item purchased, they donate a book to a child who needs it in the city.

Transparent Pricing

I’m really enjoying the increase in fashion brands who show how their pricing works. Everlane is the one who set the bar (in my mind), but Aurate certainly have shown their pieces are fairly priced due to their business model, rather than sacrificing on quality or ethics.

By not selling through third-party retailers, they avoid a retail fee and a wholesale fee, going against the industry standard.

They also sell all their pieces individually, meaning you can choose pieces to suit your tastes (such as a simple stud for a helix piercing), mix and match earrings, or even stack their beautiful fine rings in a way that suits you.

My White Gold Earrings

I chose Aurate’s circle earrings* in a beautifully clear white gold vermeil. The design is simple, with fine edges along the bar and a swooping hoop that gently sways when I move my head. They’re my biggest earrings to date, and yet I don’t feel overdressed when I wear them!

I like to pair my earrings with a simple silver hoop for my helix piercing, which peeps out when I push my hair behind my ear. I’m not overly fussy when it comes to jewellery, so these do fine with my customary outfits of black, white, and grey.

I hope that as Aurate grows, they’ll also extend their ethics to the places they source their gold and silver – which isn’t immediately clear – and their book scheme will provide literacy support too.

Disclaimer: This post features gifted items (denoted 'gifted') and affiliate links (denoted '*')


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