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My Ethical Fashion Picks for Winter | Curiously Conscious
My Ethical Fashion Picks for Winter | Curiously Conscious
My Ethical Fashion Picks for Winter | Curiously Conscious
My Ethical Fashion Picks for Winter | Curiously Conscious

Winter is almost here! With the temperature dropping to single figures this week, I wanted to showcase my ethical fashion picks that will hopefully see me through the colder months.

I’m a big believer in swapping in warmer pieces for winter, rather than revamping my entire wardrobe. After my experiments with curating a capsule wardrobe, and spending more time planning my style this year, I think I’m well on my way to the ideal ethical wardrobe. There’s not a lot in it – certainly, when compared to my sister’s wardrobe – but each piece has a story, and makes a valuable addition to almost all my interchangeable pieces.

The Wooly Hat

Quite literally on the top of my list is my wooly hat. The Muffi hat by Myssyfarmi really is the cherry on top of all my winter clothes – adding a little whimsy to my usually straight-laced outfits.

As you can probably tell from the name, Myssyfarmi is a Finnish brand, with roots in traditional farming. They rear their herd of Finnsheep themselves, and employ a group of grannies – also known as the Myssymummot – to create their hand-knitted wooly hats.

I chose my Muffi in the shade Suunnittelija – which means designer in Finnish – and it’s the deepest black amongst their 24 rainbow shades. The wool has been hand-dyed using natural dyes, and is made from soft wool that really doesn’t get itchy. I actually feel a bit naked when I go out into the cold without it now!

The Three Knits

As you can probably tell from this outfit, my wardrobe is pretty monochrome, and so are all my winter knits. To go alongside my beautiful black hat, I’ve selected three jumpers to see me through the winter – in the shades cream, grey, and black!

As I mentioned in my guide to ethical wool, the crowning glory is my mock neck cashmere jumper from Naadam. To go alongside it, I’ve also selected two cashmere jumpers from Everlane, one in black and one in cream.

The Age-Old Coat

No winter outfit is complete with a coat. This one is a few years old, and I admittedly purchased it from Zara, but have really looked after it. It still keeps me warm, looks smart, and just needs a bit of darning in the pockets!

I’m actually on the look out for more places to get ethical coats from, so if you have any ideas, please do let me know.

The Vegan Boots

Finally, my boots. These are my trusty vegan 1460 boots from Dr Martens. I’ve been wanting to reshoot these for a while, as they’re one of my most worn pieces and have been going since 2014! My review of the boots from Spring 2015 still holds true – they don’t look worn, they don’t need much maintenance, and of course, the soles are indestructible!

In wintry weather, these boots aren’t the warmest solution, but they do keep my feet protected and steady in the snow.

This post is sponsored by Myssyfarmi, and features gifted product. All views expressed remain my own.


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