The Best Ethical Books of 2018

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious

It’s coming to that time of year! Round-ups, Christmas gift guides, and looking back over the last 11-or-so months. To kick it all off, I wanted to cover over the best ethical books that have dropped into my lap this year.

I’ll be honest, I’m a slacker when it comes to reading. I’ve completed less than a handful of books this year, and my teenage-bookworm-self isn’t best pleased. Reading is not only a source of great knowledge, it’s also a brilliant practice for the mind, and somehow relaxing at the same time.

When I have had the odd moment to draw myself away from my laptop, phone, TV, etc… I’ve picked up a few of these. I’m still yet to open two of these titles, but they are worth sharing from the blurb alone.

So, if you’re looking for an ethical book to read – or gift – over the holidays, look no further. (Plus, it wouldn’t be ethical of me to link to Amazon… So please do shop from Waterstones, or brave the cold and support your local bookshop!)

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious

A Life Less Throwaway

by Tara Button

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tara as part of my Inspiration Interview series after reading her book, A Life Less Throwaway. Tara started on her ethical journey after getting sick of items breaking on her, and so she set out to find items that last longer – and also avoid many tricks that make us want to buy more.

Tara says, “My book teaches a process called Mindful Curation which frees you from the manipulation all around us to buy impulsively or unwisely. It guides you into finding true purpose and taste so that everything you bring into your life is meaningful, reliable, and useful.” If you enjoy shopping a little too much, this is the perfect read for you.

Compassion Inc.

by Gaurav Sinha

If you’re anything like me, you want your work to be as ethical as your lifestyle. Compassion Inc. is the guide to teach you how to do just that – whether you want to run your own business, or work for a good one.

This is one of the books on my reading list – and I’m interested to hear how Sinha tackles the age old question of should you profit from doing something you love?. As a businessman and entrepreneur, and founder, his approach to the “economics of empathy for life and for business” should be an interesting one, if not inspirational!

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious

How to Be a Better Tourist

by Johan Idema

My How To Be A Better Tourist little guidebook was really handy before our holiday in Marrakech this year. To prepare for our trip, I dipped in and out of it frequently – and got more excited each time!

Interestingly, the book starts at a place before travel – and instead recommends how to make the most of where you already live, and how to holiday there instead. This is eco-travel at its best! It also gives advice for very specific situations, such as falling ill, or meeting locals, which came across as both expert and respectful.

If you’re at all interested in eco-travel, it’s a great place to start.

This is a Good Guide

by Marieke Eyskoot

This has to be my favourite book on the list! This is a Good Guide is exactly that – a beautifully put together guide to living sustainably and shopping mindfully. Marieke takes us through different categories step-by-step, from the depths of fast fashion to the joys of natural make-up artistry, and keeps everything light and refreshingly current.

I learn a lot each time I dip into the book, and that’s despite all my own research and writing over the last few years!

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery

by Giles Coren

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery is the newest guide to me, and yet it makes the list without a doubt. You know I love a good restaurant – check out my guide to London if you haven’t already – so this book is the perfect companion for anyone into their gastronomy. It lists ethical, sustainable, and organic restaurants all over the UK, with insightful reviews and minimal shots capturing their interiors, food, and more. I love flicking through and seeing places I’ve visited – Ceviche, E5 Bakehouse, Spring – and discovering others like them.

This would make a great gift for that friend who relies on restaurant reviews, and likes to know the origins of their food!

Turning the Tide on Plastic

by Lucy Siegle

Did you know more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans each year? Yeah, I bet you probably didn’t want to know that either. Plastic has become the enemy in 2018, and Lucy Siegle has captured that contempt in Turning the Tide on Plastic. This is the other book on my list that I’m yet to devour, but I can’t wait; as one of my favourite journalists, she’s right at the cutting edge when it comes to eco living, sustainable fashion, and now, plastic.

Her book promises to tackle our personal plastic problems in a way that truly works. A few pick ups and put downs tell me it marries Naomi Klein’s research ethic with a chatty tone of voice that feels relatable rather than preachy. A perfect read for any eco warrior!

The Best Ethical Books of 2018 | Curiously Conscious
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