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How To Find Eco Alternatives Easily | Curiously Conscious

A few years ago, finding eco-friendly products was something of a chore. I would spend hours researching different brands, only to find out they didn’t ship to the UK, didn’t quite fit my own ethics, or were so expensive, I simply couldn’t warrant spending so much.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case! eco- is a new online marketplace for the UK, offering hand-picked and high quality eco-friendly products that don’t break the bank, and allows you to sort items based on what you’re looking for, and your ethics.

eco- homepage | Curiously Conscious

the eco- website

Choose What’s Important To You

Finding eco alternatives starts by defining what’s important to you. Do you want products made from natural materials, or perhaps those that support a circular economy and are recycled?

eco- supports this way of thinking by enabling users to sort by material. This makes their catalogue incredibly easy to look through – options include:

  • Bamboo
  • Mind-blowing materials
  • Natural rubber
  • Organic Cotton
  • Plant leather
  • Recycled materials

Now one of those options is not quite like the others… so I did a bit of digging, and found out that the mind-blowing materials section encompasses new and incredible products. You can find everything from pineapple leather shoes to fishing net jackets here! It makes for a great way to keep up to date with technological advancements in eco-fashion.

Personally, every single one of these options appeal to me – so I feel safe to browse everything! Plus if I’m looking for something specific, I’ll sort by the product type filters instead.

Let eco- Do the Hunting For You

The best part about eco- is that they’ve done all the leg work for you. It used to take me a long time to find good looking, well-made eco-friendly products, and amazingly they’ve curated their collections to include so many items I already own (or are on my wishlist!)

A good example is Manduka’s eKo Yoga Mats. Both my boyfriend and I have yoga mats from Manduka, and it took us months to decide that they were the way to go. Made from natural rubber, they come in bold colours and different thicknesses depending on ability and preference. Three years on, we’re still using them regularly!

eco- helps to guide you to the best environmentally-friendly products out there, and that covers design, durability, and even the company themselves. Each product comes with a heap of information on the brand as well as the item itself, meaning you’re totally informed before making a purchase.

Enjoy Doubly Good Shopping

Shopping on eco- is not just great for finding eco products and supporting eco brands, but it also benefits charities too.

eco- promises to share 5% of their profits with various NGOs dedicated to making our world a better place. This means anything you purchase via their site does good twice!

Get shopping now by heading to the eco- site, and also make sure you sign up to their newsletter to hear about new eco-friendly products when they roll in!

This post is sponsored by eco-. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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