Handbag Essentials: My Olive Oil Lipstick

Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick Review | Curiously Conscious

Is it me or is lipstick really hard to get right? I’m quite simple when it comes to makeup – and what I mean by that is, I’m lazy.

I don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes on my makeup in the morning, and that means I haven’t ever bothered to dabble with lipsticks, or even rarer, lip liners. I usually like to “do” my eyes, and so I’ll neglect my lips, leaving them bare with a smudge of Kjaer Weis lip balm.

Pink-ed My Interest

After all that, I imagine you’re wondering how or why I’m doing a lipstick review. Oddly, it’s almost an annual occurrence (the last year’s shade being RMS Beauty’s Wild with Desire). I had that same urge earlier on this year, after one of my favourite brands revealed a new range of lipsticks made from olive oil.

Ere Perez has got to be my favourite natural beauty brand, and I’m lost without their concealer, foundation, and bronzer. So when they revealed their new, shiny tubes of delectable lipsticks, I added their coral pink lipstick to my wishlist.

Earlier in the summer, I finally got the chance to order it – in the shade Picnic – and was just as pleased at it’s performance as its aesthetic.

The Glide

Made with castor oil, cocoa butter, fruit oils, and of course, olive oil, this baby is all about hydration. It glides on like you imagine all lipsticks should, and with a little work creates a smooth, even tone all over.

(You can take a peak at what it looks like on in my outfit post with GANT).

As with all Ere Perez makeup, it comes beautifully presented too. The silver case is cold to the touch, and makes it feel like money well spent.

The one down-side is that there’s no real scent, but that’s the same for the majority of natural beauty products.

Ripping Up the Rulebook

While I may find it hard to wear lipstick, that’s not to say I haven’t tried in the past. I met with Aveda earlier in the year, who have created a collection of plant-based lipsticks, and was given a deep plum to match my skin-tone.

I wore it once; it felt so far away from who I was, and made me look quite gothic. (That’s not to say their minty lippies aren’t great).

This lipstick feels right on my skin, especially paired with my more summery outfits. Light, bright colours bounce off the lipstick, and it’s my go-to makeup product whenever I wear my light blue MUD jeans. Mom jeans and bright lipstick feels bold.

I’ve decided that lipstick isn’t just about ingredients, or the pretty packaging – it’s also about its fit with your style. Sometimes, the perfect option for your colouring might not be what you like – and that’s cool, too.

This post features gifted products and affiliate links.


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