The Best Cafés & Restaurants in Marrakech

The Best Cafés in Marrakech | Curiously Conscious

The Best Cafés in Marrakech | Curiously Conscious
The Best Cafés in Marrakech | Curiously Conscious

Marrakech can feel overwhelming when you first arrive. It certainly did for us, but with a steer from friends and acquaintances during our visit, we were able to navigate to the spots of heaven amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Today’s guide is a simple and very niche one. If you’re heading to Marrakech anytime soon, be sure to pop into these venues and create your own oasis in the hot, dry city.

It’s also worth noting that we went towards the end of September, and found we didn’t need to book at any of these cafés and restaurants, but during high season you may need to.

Café Arabe

184, rue Mouassine, Medina, Marrakech | Website | £££

Café Arabe was one of my favourite spots during our week away (top picture). Located directly opposite the beautiful Jardin Secret, it has two indoor levels and a rooftop terrace for drinks and dining. The style is more upmarket than most, with a Mediterranean-cum-Morocco menu with everything from pasta to swordfish. Make sure to get some food, and enjoy the harissa-drenched olives and breadsticks that come with it!

Café des Epices

75, Rahba Lakdima, Medina, Place des épices, Marrakech | Website | ££

Overlooking the bustling spice market of Place des Epices, Café des Epices is two levels on indoor seating and a rooftop terrace that makes for a perfect evening as the sun goes down (pictured bottom left). We visited the café twice, due to its proximity to our Riad, and enjoyed their vegetarian soups and open-topped sandwiches, as well as French crêpes and pistachio ice cream!

Zeitoun Café

107 Place Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech | ££

Zeitoun was recommended to us by one of our hotel managers, and it definitely lived up to expectations. Perched on the corner of the Jemaa el-Fnaa square, it has a number of levels overlooking the market stalls. We sat on the ground floor, just outside the restaurant, and avoided the street sellers who came walking over to those sat right out on the shop front. The restaurant serves traditional Moroccan tagines, so we mixed up our vegetable tagine with two pastry starters that made for the perfect sharing amount. Their iced mint teas are also out of this world!

Atay Café

62, Rue Amsefah Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakech | £

Our final café stop was at the Atay Café, squeezed amongst the winding streets of the medina (pictured bottom right). Decorated with colourful street art and with two terraces to choose from, it’s a perfect stop for anyone shopping in the area. We enjoyed a simpler menu at Atay, going for pasta to mix up our usual tagine meals, and of course a trademark sugary mint tea to finish.

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