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Pillow Talk with Leesa | Curiously Conscious

Pillow Talk with Leesa | Curiously Conscious
Pillow Talk with Leesa | Curiously Conscious

Are you happy with your pillow? I often feel like I’m the princess in the Princess & The Pea when it comes to sleeping. While I’ve been thrilled with my Leesa Mattress since getting it in January, I’ve really struggled with pillows. And it really affects my waking hours too!

Having just moved into my new place (the fifth rental I’ve had since moving to London), I decided to treat my boyfriend and I to the new Leesa Pillow. Combined with our memory foam mattress, and new black-out blind, we’ve been sleeping so well!

My Sleeping Style

When it comes to sleeping, I’m an ex-sleepaholic. I used to sleep really well, and sleep a lot. Since I started working for myself however, the shift around my working patterns and the constant upheaval with every house move has made it a lot harder.

I’ve since improved my sleep with a new Leesa Mattress, and made sure not to work from in my bed (it always seems like a luxury, until you realise you’d rather relaxing, not working in bed!)

Their pillow is the next upgrade for me. As someone who falls asleep on her side, I knew their combination of memory foam and micro-fibre filling would give me the best support possible.

The Science-y Bit

The materials used mean the pillow is perfect no matter which way you sleep, as it will fit to your shape. With a foam core, and springy filling, it’s designed to align the head and spine in any position. I’ve often had trouble with this, and woken up in the middle of the night with sore shoulders and neck. Thankfully, this hasn’t been an issue with the Leesa pillow!

I’ve also enjoyed waking up to perfectly plump pillows – great for propping up against to read a book or have breakfast in bed!

And not only is it good in terms of plumpness, it also takes temperature into consideration. We all like the “cool side of the pillow”, so instead of having to constantly flip, the inner layers make for optimum cooling, comfort and support.

And this cooler temperature is better for sleeping too. By helping to regulate your temperature, you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Made in the UK

As always, ethics play a part in my decision to try a Leesa pillow above all others. Their pillows are made in the UK, and do away with animal cruelty (unlike some of those feather down pillows).

Leesa also has a social impact commitment that includes donating one pillow for every 10 sold. I’ve always liked their generous approach – it’s what makes them a B-Corp bedding company.

Form and Function

For those of you wondering about sizing and the technical side, I also thought it would be handy to note that Leesa’s pillows fit my standard sized pillow cases snugly, so there’s no need to purchase new bed linens either.

And just like their mattress, the pillow comes with a 100-night trial so if you’re still not happy, you can send it back and be fully refunded.

This post is sponsored by Leesa. I was gifted a Leesa pillow in order to write this review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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